Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio

Baguio, also known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is such a popular tourist destination in our country for locals and non-Filipinos alike. It is not a surprise then that there are now so many hotels in the city welcoming visitors. If you’re looking for a great place to stay, then you must check out Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
Ridgewood hotel interiors. Airy high ceilings and warm wooden tones that are so welcoming.

My friends and I had the opportunity to eat there for lunch. Not only did we enjoy loads of delicious dishes, we also had a chance to see some of the rooms. All I can say is that this hotel provides top-quality service and is definitely worth the stay.

Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

One of the rooms we peeked into was this Suite Room. It was really spacious and great for couples. 

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
How cozy and homey is this room?!

I loved the wooden floor and wooden headboard in this room. I am the type that loves wooden accents in interiors because I just feel that the warm tones of wood are so welcoming and relaxing. Add to that the large glass window that lets in natural light and you have a really relaxing place to stay.

This suite room also had all of the amenities you need. There is a seating area where you can lounge aside from the bed. There is also a mini pantry and the bathroom is sizable, complete with toiletries. In short, you’ll have one comfortable stay in this room.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
Here are my friends getting way too comfortable 😀

Next, we got to see this Twin Room. It, too, was spacious, comfortable and well-appointed.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
This is a twin room. But since it was booked by three people, Ridgewood was accommodating enough to set up another comfortable bed for the third guest.

Aside from the cozy rooms, the poems on the walls caught my attention. Because of those, I just feel like Ridgewood Hotel is such a great place for creative individuals. Overall, it’s really a nice place to unwind in. You might even get inspired to write a poem or two while here.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
“Make time to travel because you can’t travel back in time.” I wholeheartedly agree!

Mouth-Watering Lunch

My friends and I went to Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant primarily for lunch and we weren’t disappointed at all. In fact, the dishes exceeded expectations and tasting them definitely made our Baguio experience even more memorable.

One of my favorite dishes was the Ka Cesar, a Filipino twist to the Ceasar Salad. Instead of typically using Parmesan cheese for the dressing, Ridgewood Hotel’s chefs went all avant-garde by using Keso de Bola. This Filipino version of the Edam cheese added that delicious bite and saltiness that complemented the fresh Baguio greens so well!

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
Now I’m craving for the Ka Cesar Salad!

Then, we had this interesting pasta, too, called the Pambansang Pasta. This dish has salted eggs and cherry tomatoes. And instead of using the usual carbonara white sauce, it is made more special by an adobo white sauce. Talk about the wonderful results of fusion!

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
The Pambansang Pasta. Why not!

We also had the Hubaderang Lumpia aka the Naked Lumpia, haha. Still can’t help but laugh at that. It’s called that way because all of the ingredients of a lumpia is in this dish except the wrapper. Now you see why it got such an interesting name 😀

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
naked lumpia anyone? 🙂

Of course, we had some meat as well in the form of the Kalderetang Pork. The meat was so soft and tasty and there were olives, too, which was a pleasant surprise.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio

For dessert, we enjoyed the Threesome! 😀 Seriously, Ridgewood’s dish naming is on point. This sweet treat is made up of three kinds of ice cream, hence the name.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
The best Threesome I’ve tried in my life. 😀

Needless to say, we were so full after lunch and we definitely enjoyed all of the delicious dishes.

Thank you so much to the chefs and Ms. Rita as well as Russel for welcoming us so warmly!

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio

Lovely Restaurant Interiors

Although not an architect, I have this thing for structures and interiors. I just find it enjoyable to appreciate structural lines and building designs. When I stepped into Ridgewood’s restaurant, I instantly fell in love with the interiors.

The high ceilings and large glass windows just make the whole place bright and airy. And since the place had this log cabin in the woods vibe going on, there was plenty of wood on the walls and ceiling. The furniture was wooden too. This made the whole place so welcoming and I couldn’t wait to just get inside, sit, and enjoy the ambiance.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio

Then, there were the floral accents. Couldn’t get enough of them! So, of course, took a lot of pictures haha.

Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
couldn’t help but have a selfie with this floral wall!
Rest and Rewind: Ridgewood Hotel Baguio
flowers everywhere! <3

All in all, we had such a great time at Ridgewood Hotel and that lunch was definitely one for the books.

If you are looking for a great place to stay in Baguio, definitely give this accommodation a try. Here are there details:

Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant

Address: 17 Julian Felipe St., Barangay Lualhati Baguio City

Landline: +63 74 446 6295

Mobile: +63 917 680 8016
+63 922 889 5680
+63 917 680 8016 (Viber)


Ridgewood Hotel is only 15 minutes away from the Baguio bus terminal.

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