Revel Bars

Just few days back, my wife brought some baked goodies that she ordered from an office mate. She forgot what it was called at first and only said it sounded like “gravel”, so I made a quick research about what it might be. With no luck, I wasn’t able to find some good results in Google. I  thought I needed some back-up,  and posted on Facebook about this sweet marvel. Finally, a friend enlightened me that I was probably talking about the Revel bar. And alas! It is!

Back in my college days, the place where I used to have my OJT used to sell oatmeal bars. They were similar to these Revel bars or maybe those oatmeal bars were in fact the Revel. That, I wouldn’t know for sure. Whatever it might have been, one thing is certain. Revel bars are deliciously good!

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to make your own delicious Revel bars that I found online. I just made a few tweaks on it.



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