Easy to Prepare Radish Chips

Different Ways of Cooking Radishes

The radish or Raphanus sativus is a root vegetable, which is rich in essential minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper and vitamins A, C, E, and K together with niacin and folic acid. There are many types of radish found all around the world and these include the Japanese radish or the daikon, the greenish radish found in China, the black Spanish radish and the watermelon radish. Radishes are very rich in antioxidants that may help reduce the signs of aging and a good source of dietary fiber.

Moreover, the radish is a low-calorie vegetable and can be consumed by people who are on a diet.

Here you will find many ways to cook radishes along with a few recipes. Each method of cooking may add different tastes and flavors to the vegetable.


You may cut the radish into small wedges and then fry lightly in a pan. You may even add few other vegetables and fry them together with the radish. Black radishes and Japanese radishes are best for sautés. You may add spices to spice up the taste or garnish it as you desire. Remember not to peel off the radish completely for the peel is where the antioxidants are. Just carefully wash the vegetables before you fry them.


It can be easy and hassle-free to roast some radish and you can do it in just a sec! Just cut the radish into few slices and add your desired seasonings along with olive oil. Make sure to preheat the oven and put the seasoned slices inside it on a baking rack. Roast the slices for a few minutes till they are soft. Your delicious snack is completely done!


Instead of just boiling, you can also steam the radishes by using a steamer. You can either steam the whole radish or cut it into quarters. You may add steamed radishes to different dishes like salads and soups.

Here is a recipe in making delicious and crispy radish chips that are low in calories. It is all about baking them instead of the not-so-healthy way of frying them. Try it!


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