Pafi Ingenuity: Probiotics in Agriculture

By now, most of us already know what probiotics are and the multitude of benefits they provide especially to our health.

By definition, probiotics are a group of live microorganisms that our body needs to consume in order to stay healthy. They are especially beneficial to our digestive system, which is essentially our body’s function powerhouse. For many years, probiotics have been used in fermented food, particularly dairy, and have been recognized for their therapeutic effects.

Even ’til now, we still find a lot of these “good bacteria” incorporated in consumer products – like the ones we see in grocery stores.

However, the benefits of probiotics are not only limited to human life. We are quite familiar of how these microscopic friendlies are essential microorganisms, but it’s to no surprise that they also have positive implications in agriculture – especially since its conventional purpose would determine the success (or failure) of the global human food chain.

Lacto Pafi

What can probiotics do to the agricultural industry?

Although Lactobacillus is widely recognized by the ordinary masses, it is the farmers who are indebted to the benefits they supply most especially concerning their crops.

According to a journal, our world is in the midst of a dire food production crisis; and by the year 2020, human efforts for mass food production must be doubled.

One of the factors causing this global predicament is due to poor soil conditions caused by bad farming practices like large-scale chemical fertilizer usage, herbicides, as well as pesticides. Traditional farmers have no choice but to submit to these harmful practices because of crop damage caused by pests.

In the same article, it also mentioned that some large plantations that produce cash crops such as cocoa, coconut, coffee, and palm oil are experiencing degradation of the environment at an alarming rate.

Since the harvest determines the income of farmers resulting from their production, it devastates them when their crops fail.

That’s why probiotics or Lactobacillus is now acknowledged as a fertilizer that can help sustain their crops while providing a remedy to poor soil conditions and overall improve crop cultivation.

What are the ways Probiotics can help our agricultural sector?

According to research, even though probiotics are considered bacteria, these good types can actually boost plant growth without the use of toxic fertilizers due to some microbes that they contain. Not only that, but the use of Probiotics in farming is also significantly environmental-friendly.

So, how can using Lacto Pafi help our farmers sustain good harvest?

Plant roots become healthy

When Lacto Pafi’s Lacto Plant is deposited on land or soil, the nutrients in the rhizosphere are slowly released and absorbed by the plants – therefore resulting in healthy roots and progressive conditioning of soil.

The degree of pests and chemical-related diseases will substantially be minimized

Certain microbes in probiotics help plants overcome environmental problems like high temperatures, insects, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and toxicities.

Nutrient absorption in plants improve significantly

When these microorganisms are applied as a form of soil drench or foliar spray, the elements found in Lacto Pafi help plants absorb nutrients better, therefore improving plant growth as well.


When Lactobacillus is applied on soil, its effects make it an ideal means of organic farming as it promotes soil population because of pathogen distribution.

With all these in mind, employing the use of Lacto Pafi in the agriculture industry as a means of improvement to agriculture methods can result in a positive change to food production. It is also in this way we can help countries facing food scarcity, where farmers can be aided in crop yield increase and virtually minimize poverty as well. It is vital that the agriculture sector is given a priority as it helps the livelihood of farmers, as well as improve technology investments.

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