PlayLab – Relive The Classics and Experience The Future

Who says it’s too late to enjoy the games we used to play in our childhood. 

Relive and enjoy the classic games we used to play with a twist at the Play Lab, the country’s first ever digital playground. This digital playground is set to bring interactive playtime fun and provide immersive educational entertainment for your little ones. 

Play Lab

Here are the 14 high tech and exciting attractions at Play Lab that will surely amaze and educate your little ones:

  • Room Racers – Create your own racing circuit for up to four cars, complete with obstacles made up of any random items you can find lying around
  • Head Rush – Go on an epic battle inside a crazy holographic 3D world! Be careful though, and watch your head
  • Quantum Space – Create abstract art through movements, interaction and boundless imagination. Become part of an infinite cosmos, even for a fleeting moment.
  • SensaCell – Create unique color and rhythm combination through touch-sensitive light modules, and watch your work illuminate the space.
  • Music Wall – Explore a plethora of sounds with just a tap of your hand!
  • Tangram – Fly through time and space with your very own, virtual rocket ship!
  • Save the Reef – Help save Mother Nature by protecting our precious reef from pesky and harmful trash
  • Growth Chart – No tiptoeing here! Get accurate results from this hi-tech height chart that uses sensors to measure just how tall you really are.
  • World of Zodiacs – Become one of the Zodiacs in this cool augmented-reality mirror that will surely delight and excite you
  • Slide – Be one with nature as you slip down the slide! But be careful though, don’t hit the fishes!
  • Butterfly Wall –Watch as your creations take flight in a visually-stunning world full of butterflies!
  • Live Forest – Go green and fill up this forest with your favorite animals! With high-impact scanning and full animation, you can bring your colored creations into digital reality.
  • Light Bright – Unleash your inner artist and create your very own light installation!
  • Sand Box – Dig through the sand and explore the hidden wonders of the Earth through augmented reality!

PlayLab will be open to the public on December 3, 2017. It is located at The Greens Level 1 of Robinsons Galleria Cebu. Below are the rates at Play Lab.

Weekdays – P200 per head for 2 hours and additional P100 for every succeeding hour.
Weekends – P250 per head for 2 hours and additional P100 for every succeeding hour.

Play Lab PH

How To Buy Tickets at Play Lab

  1. Fill out the Admission Form
  2. Sign the House Rules and Regulations
  3. Fall in line at the Ticketing Area.
  4. Pay at the Cashies
  5. Claim your Ticket and Wristband
  6. Play and Have Fun

INSIDER TIP: Bring socks with you so you won’t be buying a new one. 

Want to experience the fun and excitement at PlayLab for FREE? CLICK HERE




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