Pito’s SUTOKIL: A Not-So Hidden Gem in Camotes Island

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Food and Travel is like Yin & Yang, it goes hand in hand in every adventure. To travel and enjoy good food is what feeds and fuels our lust for adventure.  We travel because we want to explore new places and so the hunt for good food goes along with it.

We had an early family Valentine getaway in the Island of Camotes. Thanks to a generous sponsor, we booked our stay at island’s top resort, Santiago Bay Garden & Resort. Though the place is not new to us since we’ve stayed here 5 years ago, it felt like the first time seeing the huge improvement in the resort. A lot, really a lot has changed at the resort but the place we used to consider a hidden gem and a haven few years back is still the same, serving the best and most delectable SuToKil (Sugba Tola Kilaw).

Pito’s SuToKil

This has been our food haven during our vacation few years back and it’s still was our haven on our recent visit. This small family-owned and budget-friendly eatery is located in the vast shoreline of the Santiago Bay. At Pito’s you get to eat freshly caught and cooked food that is to die for.

An island visit would be incomplete if you wont get to experience their best-selling SUTOKIL (Sugba-Tola-Kilaw).

Other must-try dishes are their Shrimp Sinigang, Sisig, Sizzling Squid, Sizzling Gambas and Calamares. And to cool you off, go try their Buko, Fruit Shakes and Halo Halo.

Although most of the resorts offer sumptuous foods, Pito’s is one place that you should not miss to visit.  The food is great and affordable and the breathtaking view of the ocean makes your dining experience a memorable one.

Planning to visit the island this summer and experience the best of Pito’s SuToKil? Check our quick guide below.

Getting to Pito’s SuToKil

Pitos Sutokil

The best landmark for the place is the nearby resort which is the Santiago Bay Garden & Resort. Upon reaching Consuelo Wharf, take a habal-habal or a multi-cab. Fare is 50 pesos. The eatery is just beside the resort. You can ask the locals in the area, the place is notable and they would gladly accompany you if needed.

Getting To Camotes Island

The most recommended means of transportation in going to the island of Camotes is through the sea since there is no available airport in the island. Most of those who travel to Camotes Island take the Danao – Consuelo route (thru Jomalia Shipping Lines), though there are options available but this is the most affordable route.

  • From North Bus Terminal, take a bus to Danao. Fare is around 30 Pesos.
  • If you want a shorter route, take the PUV (#27) or V-Hire in SM City Cebu

See trip schedule and rates below.

 Danao – Consuelo
Consuelo – Danao
Departure – Day  Departure – Day
07:00 AM – DAILY (EXPRESS)  05:30 AM – DAILY (RORO)
08:30 AM – DAILY(RORO)  08:30 AM – DAILY (RORO)
02:30 PM – DAILY (RORO)  01:00 PM – DAILY (RORO)
05:30 PM – DAILY (RORO)  03:00 PM – DAILY (EXPRESS)
(3-10 yrs. old)
Economy (EXPRESS) 200 100 160 170
Aircon (EXPRESS) 220 110 175 190
Economy (RORO) 180 90 145 150
Aircon (RORO) 200 100 160 170


Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

39 thoughts on “Pito’s SUTOKIL: A Not-So Hidden Gem in Camotes Island

  1. Sutokil was a funny sound for me but ive encountered this several times in Cebu. The only thing i dont like is the kilaw! I dont know but i cant seem to swallow it or even try one. Even if my companions esp. my husband seems to be enjoying it a lot. I just can’t! Anyway, those spread of food looks so delish! Makes me hungry now 🙂

  2. Looks like a great looking place to spend a weekend, lounging and eating! I have no idea what all those food are except calamares and coconut water. I will have to go to Phillipines to try all these great foods I keep reading about!

  3. Woah, me and my friends are planning to go to Camotes this summer and this definitely helps, specially the transportation information, thank you! But we’ll definitely go to that sutokil, we always go to where good food is 😀

  4. Seemed like you had a great time! Food looks amazing! I love sutokil restaurants!!! Your post made me realize there are still so many places in the Philippines that i haven’t visited. Will definitely plan more local trips this year!

  5. There is a resto of the same name in Bohol, not sure though if they are owned by the same people or they just share the same name. I haven’t been to Camotes Island but if I ever go there, sure, I’d give Sutokil a try.

  6. pito seems like an interesting diner. if i be in camotes island would love to try their menu. and also ive never tried sutokil before but based on what you shared, id definitely try.

  7. Seeing this, I realized there’s a lot more islands I need to discover. Haven’t heard about Camotes Island but when I mentioned it to my family, they knew about it. HOw could I be living under a rock?! If ever I’ll be there, I will definitely give Sutokil a try.

  8. The photos you’ve shared made me crave for seafoods!

    In a roadshow I’m part of three years ago, we made it a point to try every kinilaw of the places we’ll be (we are touring Visayas and Mindanao that time).

    And that was a memorable gastronomic experience because aside from the sumptuous treat, we also had bouts of frequent visits to a toilet, haha!

  9. I couldn’t agree more when you said “Food and Travel is like Yin & Yang, it goes hand in hand in every adventure” and based on your images I can see why! It looks like an incredible time! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh my gosh! All my favorite foods in one roof! I would like to visit that place! I haven’t been in Camotes Island but it is my dream to visit places in my beloved country the Philippines!

  11. I often relate a place with the food I had there. 🙂 Your post tells me this is another such place to be remembered for its food. The dish Sutokil is new to me. The spread of rice and other accompanying stuffs is tempting.

  12. Can’t believe I haven’t been to Camotes! Been planning for so long but somehow, it doesn’t happen. LOL. I also always have a soft spot for the South so when I have time, it’s my go-to destination. I’d love to try the fresh seafood. Island dining always seems like a good idea.

  13. I really really really like Camotes, I like the long stretched shores. And of course the food! I like the experience kanang gabie mu kaon dihang dapita then you can feel the cold breeze sa beach. I’m not sure asa jud mi ni eat ato but I’m sure diha rajud tong dapita. Haha!

  14. Haven’t been to Camotes, but my god those are some really delectable foods! Thank you for the tip! Will def try this place when I get to visit the island soon.

  15. I haven’t been to Camotes and this post really made me want to go to this place soon especially it’s already summer. My good friend is from this Island, she kept on inviting me to visit this place but hectic schedule is getting on the way. But hopefully, I can visit this beautiful island soon enough. Pito’s SuToKil seems a really nice place to eat too.

  16. Camotes has always been one of my favorite go-to vacation spots in Cebu! I love the food there! So fresh! 🙂

  17. I agree Kuya Herbert na to die for ang fresh seafood. Ang ilang sinigang ba, walay MSG? Will try out their sutukil if makaadto nakog Camotes for the very first time. 🙂

  18. Food trip in Camotes sounds heaven! Pero, na-weirdan gihapon ko sa “Sutokil” because “Sutukil” gyod dapat siya. Sorry, medyo OC with Cebuano spelling. Contrary to popular beliefs, naay rules sa Cebuano spelling. Hahahaha. 😀

  19. I have never been to Camotes, but I’m planning to go there soon. Thanks for the insight. Weeeeee. 🙂

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