Starting a Photo Blog? Consider These Tips

Like any type of blog, the success of a photo blog usually depends on the quality and focus. No one will pay attention to poorly maintained blog and will quickly move on to the next.

A number of factors come into play when starting any blog, but special attention must be paid to a photo-oriented blog.

Here are several tips for you to consider if you intend to start a photo blog.


Research. Any blogger worth his or her salt will suggest this step. What is going on in the blogosphere? What is a hit with the niche the blogger wants to jump into? Paying attention to these details can enable a blogger to jump ahead with at the beginning.

Aspiring photo bloggers should find time to study and read their favorite blogs and note what attracts them to it. Is there a particular theme it follows or a design that sings? Doing this ground work to enable why the site is thriving can enable new photographers and photo bloggers to create a rich and appealing photo blog.

Good research enables a photo blogger to take the next steps.

Starting a Photo Blog? Consider These Tips

Clean Design Does Not Distract

Photo blogs need a clean and perhaps an uncluttered design just as much as any website does. A cluttered site will only discourage visitors and turn away traffic and possible sales (in case you’re selling stuff).

Realistically, a photo blog should only have one or two columns that maximize the use of photographs. Backgrounds, content, and text should all be easy to digest and not clash with other elements. However, these design musts surely don’t hinder a blogger’s choices.

A number of different designs exist, from those displaying wide photographs to gallery-type designs that lead viewers to different photographs and/or posts. A simple background or a minimalist design are popular because it better frames the artwork. Elaborate graphics slow the loading time, frustrating viewers to no end when they have to wait for a site to load. Get tips from viihdeteollisuus

If advertising like AdSense or Amazon is going to be utilized, keep it to a minimum or at least make sure it flows solidly with the rest of the blog. Otherwise it can be unnecessary clutter. Templates are always available online for quality blog designs.

Starting a Photo Blog? Consider These Tips

A Clear Focus

A photo blog definitely needs a strong focus or theme. Simply posting photos at random does not typically work, unless the blog is for personal use.

Photo blogs have different focuses, either as an extension of a photographer’s portfolio or website or just a visual record of daily life. Whatever the use, keep it to a particular theme or separate different topics by categories.

An effective tip to follow would be to take a unique approach to a blog’s subject. Wedding photo blogs could display some of the more humorous outtakes of the ceremonies. Journalism students can post “on-assignment” type photographs or their own personal favorites.

If the photo blog is travel-oriented, add a local flavor of the photographer’s own home town’s diversity.

Quality Matters

Quality always outweighs quantity in most things. This absolutely applies to photo blogs. Just as people will run from poorly written blog posts, so will they run from blurred, poorly composed or underexposed or overexposed photographs.

Starting a Photo Blog? Consider These Tips

Just as most photographers think before capturing an image, bloggers must think before posting selected photographs on their photo blogs.

Poor quality images does more harm than good for blogs, and for the blogger’s reputation as well.

Sometimes one or two good images is better than a whole series of average images interspersed with the good ones.

Frequency Rate

One thing that makes or breaks a blog’s viewership is the posting rate. Some photo blogs can be too infrequent or go for long stretches without new content.

Others post too frequently at a rate that most viewers might be unable to keep up with.

The trick to a good photo blog: stagger the updates accordingly. If the blog is part of an on-going project, a few posts a day is fairly acceptable. If the blog’s nature is journalistic, one or twice a day is usually good.

Starting a Photo Blog? Consider These Tips

As stated above, quality over quantity goes a long way to ensuring a good blog.

Be punctual with posting updates, so the blog’s followers know when they expect to see new content. Setting up a schedule can go a long way towards ensuring a photographer or blogger doesn’t miss a post.

Like every blog, photo blogs take time to design and launch. Proper research and some good planning go a long way to creating and maintaining a successful blog.

Above all else, a photo blogger should be passionate about what they are doing. A lack of interest can and will kill a blog quicker than hitting the delete button.


Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.