Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio

I have visited Baguio three times already and I must say that Mountain Lodge is one of the nicest places I’ve stayed at there. It just capitalizes on everything that Baguio offers.

Surrounded by lush trees and pretty flowers, this accommodation in cold Baguio is so welcoming and comfortable. Staying here a few nights is highly recommended!

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
This place is so pretty, surrounded by so many green trees and colorful flowers.

Mountain Lodge, Baguio

Address: 27 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
Phone: +63 74 442 4544

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Check Out Mountain Lodge’s Cozy Rooms

There were a total of 5 people in our group and we had no problem fitting into one room. We checked into a really spacious room that accommodated two king beds and one single bed. Aside from that, there was room enough for a coffee table and a desk area, which was great because I had to do some work. #DigitalNomad

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
This large room in Mountain Lodge is where my friends and I stayed for the night.

The room had high ceilings, large windows, a carpeted floor, and wooden walls. That means it was bright and airy and super comfortable.

I also asked the front desk if I could see another vacant room of theirs and, thankfully, they obliged. I was taken to this really cozy room that exudes that mountain lodge feeling. This one is perfect for couples who just want to explore Baguio and get cozy with each other afterward. 🙂

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
This room is perfect for couples or solo travelers looking for a relaxing space in Baguio.

Another thing to love about Mountain Lodge is that they really appreciate the history of Baguio. This hotel is a family-run business and that family has lived in Baguio for generations. They have connections with the local tribal chieftains and one of their family members even documented the growth of Baguio in black and white pictures.

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
Mountain Lodge celebrates the history of Baguio.

A bit of the city’s history is displayed with pride on their walls. I saw those beautiful black and white pictures and there was also other stuff, like traditional baskets for fishing and farming. There were accessories like necklaces and other tribal implements, such as hunting spears. Viewing each item up close was so fascinating to me.

Miwishayu – Awesome Burgers!

One of the highlights during our stay at Mountain Lodge is the burgers place within the premises – Miwishayu. Their menu is filled with lots of interesting burgers, including the Kaiju Burger that I ordered. This one is large and had a black bun, which was super interesting!

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
Delicious burgers paired with tasty drinks!

My friend, meanwhile, ordered the Monster Overload Burger, which was by far the largest. I think it had three patties! More interesting burgers were available on the menu and my other friends ordered different types so we could try a variety of burgers. We were not disappointed.

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
The Monster Overload burger that will definitely satisfy your cravings for burgers!

Filipino Lunch at Mountain Lodge

After checking out, we stayed at Mountain Lodge for lunch. 

I really like the lodge’s restaurant area because of its welcoming and warm ambiance. The walls and furniture were wooden and the restaurant actually directly connects to the garden, which adds to the whole relaxing vibe. There were plenty of homey accessories that give you that authentic mountain lodge feeling.

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
Such a cozy place!

When our lunch came, we couldn’t help but be happy. They served us fresh lumpia, which is actually made of a wrapper that is created in-house. The lumpia used the freshest ingredients. The rest of the food came in and our tastebuds were definitely delighted.

Nature and Relaxation: Mountain Lodge, Baguio
Thank you for the great lunch, Mountain Lodge!

Stay in Mountain Lodge While in Baguio

Baguio is a great place to visit no matter the time of year, but especially during summer. While most of the country is suffering from high temperatures, you can enjoy the cold weather of Baguio and unwind.

There are many nice accommodations in the area, of course. But, if you really want to make the most out of it, Mountain Lodge is the place to be. It is so cozy and is a great base for sightseeing and food trips!

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