Most Photogenic Spots in Maui

When on a trip to Maui, this is your chance to sees the world through a unique perspective and capture the beauty of a particular spot in a particular moment through your lens. You could be trekking along the dramatic coastline or walking through the lush rainforests or skirting the barren volcanic peaks of the island. Enjoy the beauty of the island with hidden waterfalls and black sand beaches from behind the camera.  

As a photographer, one finds Maui landscape just perfect for photography. All you need to do is plan your holiday and browse Maui beach villa rentals that are sure to make your vacation delightful with lots of room and luxury amidst the tropical splendor. Leave your friends wondering at your photographic prowess as Maui makes it easy for you to capture some great photographs.

Here are some suggestions to get to the most photogenic spots in Maui and explore great scenic and nature photography.

  • Haleakala Crater
    Maui’s 10,000-foot volcano, Haleakala is the most massive dormant volcano in the world. The crater of Haleakala is the main official viewpoint and offers a different photographic view. The drive to Haleakala summit takes on through misty forests and green pastures. It is a stunning view to be at the peak during sunrise or sunset.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Wailua Falls
    Wailua Falls lie along the Hana Coast and are indeed photographer’s tropical paradise. The dramatic coast views and the view of the waterfall in verdant rainforest make it a favorite photo spot. The best time to shoot is in the afternoon when the light is soft and overcast.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Makena Beach
    Also known as the Big Beach, what makes Makena Beach most dangerous for swimming is the powerful shore break. It is a joy to capture the dramatic scenery, bright turquoise waves and soft white sands of one of the gorgeous beaches on Maui. One can develop a good composition with the palms behind in the photo.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • The Mill House
    Maui Tropical Plantation restaurant and bar offers not just farm-fresh fare and -of-a-kind craft cocktails, but the Plantation, located beside a pond teeming with ducks and framed by flowers is just the right to set your camera rolling. Capture breathtaking views of the majestic West Maui Mountains or the peaceful lagoon or the serrated, green cliffs.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • West Maui Mountains
    The West Maui Mountains offer one of the most stunning views undoubtedly. Locally known as Maui Komohana, one gets a partial glimpse of the mountains as they drive from West Maui to Wailuku. However, some of the best views of the mountains are inaccessible by foot. A hidden wall made of about 17 cascading waterfalls can be seen only via the helicopter tour of the West Maui Mountains. The stark and bare scenery of the West Maui Mountains with verdant life and rushing water offers an excellent opportunity to click great pictures.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Kahakuloa bay
    Located on Maui’s northwest shore, Kahakuloa town offers some of the most underrated but the best views on Maui. This is the perfect place to stop and enjoy some lovely views of the vial below. Keep your camera ready and rolling. The dramatic stretch of coastline resounding with the sound of crashing waves can keep one mesmerized for hours.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • The Seven Sacred Pools
    Watch the waters of each of the Seven Sacred pools get ignited when the rays of the sun. This is your chance to get a glimpse of one of the most magnificent waterfalls as you hike up the Pipiwai Trail through the bamboo forest. Capture the beautiful nature surrounding the pools in your eyes as well as the camera.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Kula Botanical Gardens
    There is no dearth of good photo ops in Kula Botanical Gardens. Several towns and settlements are dispersed across a wide area of farms, ranches, and forests. The gardens are especially photographer friendly as several tropical flowers like protea, plumeria, anthuriums, orchids, and heliconias are grown here. Go ahead and point your lenses at the resident Nene geese and the koi pond.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Iao Valley
    Iao Valley has long been a popular attraction of Maui tourism. The volcanic remnant rises abruptly above a stream bed. The essential cultural site comprises of a botanical garden. Keep your camera ready, especially early in the morning when you can catch dramatic clouds or sunny days.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Pipiwai Trail
    Walk across the road to the trailhead once you reach the Haleakala National Park. The 4-mile round-trip hike is fairly easy and will take you through a dense bamboo forest. There is a lot to do and see here that will keep you busy for the whole day, and you will find ample opportunities to take great shots.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Summit of Haleakala
    Watch the skies turn pink as the sun dips below the horizon. Head up the mountain even if it is cloudy at the beach and it is likely that you will end up getting excellent views to capture in your camera as the summit is above the clouds. Stand on the edge of the ridge and look for great silhouette shots.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
  • Breakwall
    You’ll be treated to a great view as you walk out on the break wall at Lahaina Harbor. Just gaze at the waves rolling in from the southwest and the surfers waiting for the big waves. Take some close shots of the action near the second break on the north side of the harbor that is located behind Banyan Tree Park.Most Photogenic Spots in Maui
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