Kambal Pandesal – Redefining Filipino Bread Experience

For most Filipinos, mornings won’t be complete without a cup of coffee and the legendary pan de salPan de sal, which means “bread of salt”, is a typical Filipino bread that is traditionally served as a breakfast roll.

Throughout the years, pan de sal has been an all time favorite. Others have dubbed it as the “Bread of Masa” because almost all people from all walks of life can enjoy them. The pan de sal is available everywhere at any time of the  day.

Being among top supplier of flour in the country, the San Miguel group decided to establish Kambal Pandesal. In 2011, the company started out with 10 pilot Kambal Pandesal outlets and since then it has grown and gained popularity.

Kambal Pandesal

Kambal Pandesal

Taking pride of its pan de sal that has a unique and distinct taste, Kambal Pandesal also serve other Filipino classics like ensaymada, pan de coco, pan de españa and many more. 

Kambal Pandesal products are made with the famous San Miguel flour and most of the ingredients came from San Miguel Foods as well. Below are some of Kambal Pandesal’s best-selling products.

New additions to Kambal Pandesal’s line of products that every Filipino will enjoy.

Pan de Adobo
Pambansang ulam meets Pambansang Pandesal. Ito ang Pan de Adobo, ang bagong pambansang paborito.

Pan de Cheezee
Siksik sa palaman ang Pan de Cheezee na mas pinasarap with Magnolia Cheezee.

Pan de Corned Beef
Panalo ang merienda with Pan de Corned Beef na mas pinasarap with Star Corned Beef.

Pan de Isda
Is-da best and sarap ng Pan de Isda! Mas pinasarap with Century Tuna filling!

Pan de Sisig
Astig ang tanghalian o hapunan, with Pan de Sisig na mas pinasarap with Purefoods Sisig!

Pandesal Daku
Todo ang laki sa pinakamalaking pandesal sa Visayas, and Pandesal Daku! Singlaki ng apat na pirasong pandesal na pinagsama, sa halagang P6 lang.

With the mission to invite all Filipinos to a whole new level of bread experience, Kambal Pandesal is truly more than a typical Filipino bakery. 

Kambal Pandesal Franchise

Thinking of having your own Kambal Pandesal business here in Cebu or in the Visayas? Grab the opportunity to franchise and operate your very own Kambal Pandesal Kiosk or Bakery business.

Check out these distinctive features of franchising a Kambal Pandesal business.

  • Onsite Baking that shows every customer that all breads are baked fresh and clean just the way they want it.
  • San Miguel Mills in partnership with Magnolia and Purefoods , you are carrying not just the name but the excellent quality and the popular products like star margarine , magnolia cheese, Purefoods Hotdog and San Mig coffee and many more.
  • Excellent standard in food production that meets the label an advertisement.
  • From Orientation , Location Assistance , Pre-opening up to continuous operation, Officers will always assist in operation of your bakeshop.
  • Up to more than 20 varieties of menu or recipes to choose from and still innovating further to provide excellence of taste for Filipinos.

For further details about Kambal Pandesal franchising, you may contact the Kambal Pandesal Visayas team thru:

Norie Ann Uy
+63 917-727-8594

Vanessa Cortejos
+63 905-418-1351

Donna Labrador
+63 917-159-1566?

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.