Jpark Island Resort: A Place Like No Other

Last updated on September 17th, 2019 at 01:13 pm

Aside from Christmas, summer holiday is one of the most anticipated “seasons” in the Philippines. It’s that time of the year when we finally get to tick off some, if not most, of the items that’s been pending in our bucket list all year round; when we’re free at last from all the dreaded school work and deadlines. Freedom!

Vacations spent here in the Philippines is truly an experience second to none. Aside from having lots of destinations to choose from, the country also boasts of its tropical climate where it’s swimming weather throughout the year.

Jpark Island Resort & WaterparkJPark Island Resort & Waterpark

It was still named the “Imperial Palace” when I first went to see the resort in the year 2014, and it has already been remarkable even from the get-go. A number of visits followed after that, and yet, my most recent one was unlike any other, which made it feel like the very first time all over again.

Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark has evolved through the years. The resort has had several upgrades with new additions ranging from the playful pool-side decors to the fast and furious go-carts. Who knew fun and luxury could work well together!

Here are 3 of the resort’s best spots worthy of an Instagram post:

The Island Pool

Jpark Island Island Pool

Island Pool at Jpark Island

This is the resort’s main swimming pool. It is home to Aqua Pool & Island Bar. Here, you can cool down from the pool’s cool waters as you have a sip of your favorite poison from the nearby bar, The Abalone.

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The Amazon River and Captain Hook’s Pool

Jpark Island Amazon River

Jpark Island Amazon River

The Amazon River is an ideal place to spend great bonding with your kids as you cruise along the river-like structure that surrounds the fun and colorful Captain Hook’s Pool. Unleash the pirate in ye’ an’ battle them splashes from Captain Hook’s Ship, aye!

The Water Slides

Jpark Island Waterpark

The water slides is the perfect venue for the adventurous and thrill-seekers at heart. Challenge yourself as you take the tube slide, the space bowl, or even the open-body slide and get that adrenaline pumping. Never had the guts to try them out myself, but it is something I am willing to partake in the future. Adding this to my bucket list!


Looking to spice up your next summer experience? Planning to have an adventure like no other? Jpark Island has got you covered. Indulge yourself with its wide array of amenities that will surely satisfy that fun-craving soul.

Whether you’re in for a cool dip at the pool or just wanted to unwind under the lush greenery, Jpark Island is truly the ultimate destination for a summer you’ll never forget.

Come and take a plunge at Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark!


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