Greek Salad

Old Athens would normally gather themselves after a long day of work at a small bar in their community with different Guzarias (Greek tapas), which means many littlie dishes that can be a fulfilling meal. Guzaria menu would include Greek Salad, Greek Meatballs in Wine Sauce, Grilled Pita Bread, Baked Gigantes Beans and Grilled Shrimp.

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Greek-style Salad


There are many reasons why companies make their company picnic a yearly occasion:

  • It builds their company’s morale
  • It shows how they appreciate their employees and their hard-work
  • It show how committed the owners of the company to their employees’ families
  • It builds teamwork

However, no matter what the company’s reason is, having fun is still the best and number one reason why companies do this yearly.

Of course, in order to have a hassle-free and fun picnic, it all requires a very detailed organizing and hard work. However, following these steps and suggestions, everything will be easy and fun.

For Picnics

Get Organized

First thing to be done is to gather all the necessary information that will be helpful in organizing the picnic. Make a list that consists of all the following details:

  • Budget
  • Venue or location
  • Raffle prizes
  • Party favors
  • Food and beverages
  • Invitations
  • Activities
  • Entertainment


The company will allot only a specific budget to spend and here is where most of your decisions will be base. Next, know how many of the employees and their family members are going to join the picnic. Know the exact count of attendees. For a company picnic, expect 80% of the employees will show up, and then multiply it by two and a half to count their spouses and kids and that would estimate your total number of participants.

If the company cannot afford to shoulder all the expenses, they ask for a minimal fee from the employees for the event to push through. Sounds not pleasant but this will guarantee a more fun picnic for everyone. Besides, this is also one way of preventing employees bringing their extended families and friends to the picnic.


First thing to consider is the size of the venue, everyone must fit and not to look too crowded. A place where everyone can do his or her chosen activities like ball fields. In picnics, everyone wants to move around and kids will run all over the area.

Many companies choose amusement parks wherein everyone will going to have a blast. However, it will be a hard time gathering employees for a particular activity because everyone wants to do their own things around the amusement park. Choose a ball field instead; here there will be room for activities and an area where to put all the foods.

Invitations, Raffles, Agendas and Food

Invitations must be send at least 30 days before the said event. Summertime can be busy so better reserve a date for the invited people and the venue. Company picnic ideas are supposed to be fun so make an invitation that shouts out that this event is going to be fun. Many websites provide custom invitations wherein you can put your company’s logo. Make sure to ask for an RSVP, this will surely help in the planning stage.

Plan a detailed agenda for the whole day. You do not want people roaming around the venue without doing anything and you want to avoid just one person doing all the cooking of BBQs the whole day. Assign per department or by group, this will help you manage the activities the whole day.

Raffle prizes are always one of the much-awaited activities of the employees. Make sure to pick prizes that are updated and you think will be interesting enough. This will help you force everyone to gather for at least until the raffle ends.

Food is the main character in all picnic events. This can be catered or potluck. This can be fun also by letting your boss do the grilling for the employees. How your food will appear or prepared will all depend on the budget. In addition, whatever the final decision is, let the invitees know what they will expect.


The Food Diary

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