Quick and Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover

If you’ve seen the movie “Hangover”, you’ll definitely know what a hangover can do to you – not exactly! But with looks of it, you surely don’t want to have one or if you do – getting some kind of remedy might get your off to work in your “better” state of being. There are many things you can do to get rid of this post party syndrome.

Following these tips can keep you away from hangovers.

Grab something to Grill

Your digestive system will be under a lot of strain after a heavy drinking session with your buddies. It is a fact that eating fried eggs, bacon, and sausages could cause indigestion. However, it also contains many calories for the much-needed energy boost, cysteline, and amino acids that are also good at flushing out toxins. If you love eating fried dished for breakfast, it will definitely make up your day. If you don’t, you can always try to grill – it’s also a healthier choice!

Water Refill

Alcohol intake is certainly one that contributes to your dehydration – and that’s also why you have a hangover! Of course, water is your weapon when it comes to dehydration so it’s best if you can fill your body up with a pint of water every hour. If you forget to do that, you’re doomed!

Juice it up!

Flushing off vitamins from an all night drinking escapade is best remedied by freshly squeezed juice. These amazing fruits will boost up your energy level and get rid of the toxins in your body. If you’re not a fan of juices and it makes your tummy hurts, try to add some water or make a smoothie with banana or any milk based product.

Get Some Sleep

If you happen to get some booze on a lazy Friday night, it’s better to sleep in the weekends. Well, it might cancel all of your appointments but it’s really better rather than spending some more time in the open with a crazy hangover. If you keep your body rested, your poor body will be able to recover.

Things to Avoid


If you’re not a fan of painkillers, then you shouldn’t consider taking one for your hang over. Of course, it’ll definitely take your pain away but your poor liver will just give some more work for your liver. It’s not a good choice for getting rid of hangovers.

Hair of the Dog

It is an expression of taking a lesser amount of alcohol to lessen hangovers. It is pretty much done by most boozers but it’ll just allow you to take some more alcohol. Plus, this remedy is only effective for a short period of time so you’ll be back to hangover in no time.


Lastly, this one is also considered a ‘good’ hangover remedy by many. It’s really nice to have a cup of coffee in a lazy hangover morning but it does contribute to some more dehydration. With its unreliable effect that lasts for a short time, this will just make your hangover worse – definitely NOT to bother!

Your turn. After an all night drinking session, what do you usually do to avoid hangover? We would appreciate all your thoughts and opinions.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.