Fruity Chicken Roulade

The term roulade came from the French word “rouler“, which means to roll. It is usually a European dish that consists of a slice of meat rolled around with a filling inside like cheese, vegetables, or other meats. A roulade, same as a braised dish, is done by browning the outside then covered with wine or stock and cooked further. This kind of roulade is commonly secured with a metal skewer or toothpick, piece of string or spinach. The roulade is then sliced shaped into rounds and served. With the same common form, there are several dishes to compare with, like:

  • Braciole – an Italian roulade that consists of beef, chicken or pork that is filled with Parmesan cheese, egg and bread crumbs
  • Paupiette – French veal roulade filled with fruits, vegetables or sweetmeats
  • Rouladen – German and Hungarian beef roulade filled with bacon, onions and pickles.
  • Španělské ptáčky or Spanish birds – is a Czech cuisine. The recipe is practically the same with German Rouladen, with the omission of wine and adding a hard-boiled egg or frankfurter to the filling. Unlike the large roulade, which is sliced before serving, the “birds” are typically 10 cm long that is served whole together with a side dish of rice or Czech style bread dumplings.
  • In Hungary the dish is known as Szüz tekercsek or the so-called Virgin roulade that is filled with minced meat.
  • In Poland the dish is called “zrazy“.
  • Kohlrouladen, cabbage roulade filled with minced meat.

A common form of roulade consists of a mixture of soufflé is baked in a flat pan rolled around its filling. A roulade may refer to any such “rolled” dish, such as sushi, cake and is not always limited to European dishes.

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