First Thoughts for 2016: A Collection of Free Verse Poems

As I welcomed 2016, I had been bombarded with random thoughts and feelings and poems that seemed to have been bottled up for the past year. These thoughts or free verse poems are just a reminder that even at my most lowest point in life, the power of words still holds true. Writing down your own poem at the spur of the moment or when you are down are some of the best instances where you can pour out your heart. For some, expressing thoughts might be cumbersome, but for someone who had been in a situation that calls for release of thoughts, a trusted pen and notebook are the go to companions.

With a pen and notebook in hand, I reminisced on my past travels and was able to create the first 10 poems for this year and posted it on my instagram account. Here are as follows:


Enchanting, riveting yet obscure.
That’s how love moves its ways
It’s always a mystery eons ago

Alluring, intense yet warm
A feeling undeniably omnipresent
Moving senses unimaginable.

Love. Union of two souls
So deep.
Love. Reason of existence.
Imprinted forever
In the throes of my distant reverie.



When caught up in a whirl
Had a whimsical after effect
Positive aura’s a result.

Like the one I used to have
Transports me to a wonderland
Following my heart’s innate desire.

May have been an escape
But if its the only way to you
Then, by all means
I will dream of you
Till you and me
Become entertwined.



A hint of light shines through
Slowly captures the senses
Reminded me of nature’s hue
Each time my mind comes across with you

Warmth and light play that tickles the heart
Just like sunshine
Captivating vistas and colorful views
Made me feel that I am a step closer to you



Whenever I glance at the sunset
Something stirred inside me
Hesitation. Disappointment. Sadness.

All I remember was the way you treated me
Cherished and with care
Treasured and loved
Until one day I became broken.

Glancing at the sunset
I can’t help but wonder
Why I was able to fall blindly into you before
Now I’m not the same girl to the core

Sunsets are a way of letting go
For something that I thought was mine
Of emotions that run deep
And of ties and feelings that bind
Bringing new life and new hope.

Until then.



The cove of dreams or perhaps of love, reminiscent of a past
Is tucked where the blue meets green
In an island far away in the Pacific
Lying west of the land

The cove is where passions and ideas meet
Where the sun rises and sets
Where the winds converge
And where the tides rise and fall

The cove beckons me to discover
Places that are incomparable to another
Having a feeling of contentment as I look beyond
Where the reefs meet the shore.



A gentle breeze wafted through me
As I looked at the horizon ahead
Blues meet the greens seamlessly
And the waves kiss the shore

The coast beckons me to look beyond and think ahead
Dropping everything, following wanderlust
Filling my soul with wonder and glee.

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The pantone of the year
Speaks also of my mind state
Calm. Peaceful yet energizing
Fueling passions born out of intense desires.

Serenity speaks also of my heartbeat
Ever in constant cadence
Never disrupted of thoughts and musings
Even when memories of you drift around.

Hoping to maintain this frame
Even in times of distress
When clear azure skies turn grey
And angry skies block the sunshine.

Serenity. Azure. Cerulean dreams.
Motivating me to do my best
Fulfillment of dreams
Long overdue.

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I gazed on the horizon beyond
Hoping to appease the turmoil inside
Memories of you flood my reverie
Fleeting, constant, ever changing.

The cerulean waters seemed to kiss the azure skies
And the emerald tide flats complimented them
Seamlessly blending
Till the colors become one, just like us.

As I looked again at the tide flats
The mystery of life unfolds right in my very eyes
Love may have moved in mysterious ways for two hearts
And it never fails.

Till my heart will find the reason for it to beat
Till my heart will find the courage to love again
Like how the waves kiss the shore in symphony
Then I wont get tired
Of facing the horizon and watching the tide pools.

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The element of stillness in this environ
Suprisingly echoed through my soul
Eons passed and still evident
Steadfast yet omnipresent.

The waters may be raging wild
The wind may howl angrily
The skies may be shades of grey
But the stillness of my reverie’s still profound and present
Strange. Calm. Serene.
Emotions in me may be out of cadence
But gazing ahead I could infer
The most fundamental reality
From the sea springs forth LIFE
And the ever changing tides are a witness
Of struggles and triumphs
Of this Viajera.

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I didn’t thought you can be that one more chance
The one I thought I would never had
But as our distance goes farther away
My heart grew fonder each day

Didn’t realized you were more than a fantasy
Painting my days with joy and glee.
As the sun shines in the east
And settles in the west
My affection for you is in symphony
With nature’s cadence.
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