Filipino Style Spaghetti

In the early 1960’s, a coffee shop in Makati sold their own version of Italian spaghetti, even before Tropical Hut and Jollibee came out with their own versions. In that coffee shop, probably where the sweet Filipino style spaghetti originated and stated to evolve.

One American blogger commented that the Filipino’s spaghetti tasted horrible because he was not used of the sweet taste. He is only familiar with the Italian style spaghetti, which is a bit sour compared to the Filipino version.

Filipino style spaghetti is filled with many varieties of meats such as ham strips, Vienna sausage, ground beef or pork, and lots of grated cheese. The sauce in Makati tasted a bit sweet with a touch of spiciness.

However, some would point out that there was evidence that even as early as the General Douglas McArthur days; a Pinoy version of spaghetti has already existed. A line direct from the General was quoted:

“This sauce, so sweet on spaghetti, hardly seems like spaghetti sauce but it is good.”

Pinoy style requires the use of banana catsup, which gives the unique sweet and spicy taste of its sauce. This taste might be peculiar to some but this distinct taste makes it unique and the new flavor makes it very Filipino.

Because of its sweet taste, most of the young ones love it that is why in every kiddie or children’s party, spaghetti will always be the cream of the crop. Ginormous fast food chains in the Philippines like McDonald’s and Jollibee have their own versions of Pinoy spaghetti.


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