Drift Stories Monthly Round Up: January

January was such an exciting month for us. Not just we welcomed 2017  but a lot of interesting things happened during the course and we are very proud that we’re able to pull things off successfully. Below are some of Drift Stories’ highlights for January.

The Blogger Spotlight

Our segment The Blogger Spotlight is back and looking to feature and promote 2 Cebu-based bloggers who are rocking and making noise in the blogosphere. Cebuano bloggers has always been a stand out and t par with  

Blogger Spotlight

As we welcomed 2017, the itchy feet Idas Teaño of Laag Sparkles and the dynamic Glister Del Socorro of Chasing Potatoes kicked off the month.

52 Week Photo Challenge

We also participated and accepted the challenge of Dogwood Photography’s 52 Week Photography Challenge. The challenge is quite hard but we are confident and positive that we’re going to pull this off.  

photo challenge

Here are our entries for this month’s challenge.

(Wk 1) – Persistence  (Wk 2) – Innocence  (Wk 3) – Southern Gem  (Wk 4) – Gold

Miss Universe 2016 at Uniqlo

When the Miss Universe contestants visited Uniqlo Cebu (SM Seaside City), we are lucky to be part of a selected group to have a Meet & Greet with the lovely candidates. Though we only had a handful of photos, it’s still a memorable experience for us. 

Sinulog 2017

As a photography aficionado, the Sinulog festival is a very special occasion for us. This is the time of the year where you get to hone and sharpen your skills in photography. For this year, it’s a big accomplishment for us since we captured the Sinulog festival through our mobile phone. We aim to go mobile all throughout the year and the Sinulog is a good start for us. 

D’yan Lang’s Photo Contest

Top Travel and Photography blog D’yan Lang hosted Old Beat, New Takes: Sinulog 2017 Mobile Photo Contest. Among the thousands of entries for the contest, 2 of our entries managed to be shortlisted to Top 15 on each category, Black & White and Full Color. What’s more interesting is we even got to the Top 5 in the Full Color category.

January Wrap Up

Southwalk 2017

This is our first organized event for 2017 and the 3rd South Heritage Photowalk (SouthWalk). The trip went well and to sum it up, it was a big success. We also gained a new set of like-minded friends and best of all, managed to visit again the heritage spots of the southern part of Cebu.

Final Words

January is a good month and a good start for us and we are very positive that the upcoming months will be more interesting and exciting. How about you? How was your January? Do you have a good start for 2017?

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Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

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  1. Wow, it really did look like your January was a good start! You had a lot of exciting events, too. I wish my January was as fun as yours. Congrats on having such a successful first month of the year! Oh and also, congratulations on being part of the top 15 (B&W) and top 5 (Full Color) on D’yan Lang’s photo contest. 🙂 More power to you guys! God bless

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