2017: A Year Never To Forget

Although 2017 is not yet over, I can safely say that it is an exciting year for us at Drift Stories. 2017 made us better and bolder. We have conquered new heights and explored new places. Hooked up with amazing people who share the same passion, to capture moments and lend a hand. 

Here are some of the activities that we have organized as well as achievements and recognition that made this year, 2017, a year never to forget.

Finalist for Old Beat New Takes 

Among the hundreds, maybe thousands of entries, my entries for Old Beats New Takes Sinulog Photo Contest, both Full Color and Black & White categories are shortlisted to top 15. Didn’t managed to snatch victory but still quite a feat. 

SouthWalk III

For the third time, we managed to pull off another South Cebu adventure. It’s always a nice feeling to visit the old heritage churches of the southern parts of Cebu. This event is definitely for those people who love adventure and history

Weekly Blogging Challenge (WBC)

This is a blogging activity organized by a fellow blogger from Cebu Content Creators. The goal of the program is to encourage participating bloggers to blog on a weekly basis. We are proud to say that we managed to pull off this event.

Going Mobile

Initiated a small personal project that aims to promote mobile photography. Thus the Going Mobile project is born. #GoingMobile is a photo-blogging project that aims to create short stories using photos taken with a smartphone. May it be about food, travel, and adventures.

2017: A Year Never To Forget

Won Blogging Competition in JPark

Was invited to be among the participants of the first-ever JPark Island Blogging Competition. Was lucky enough to be among the winners.


Chased wonder in Surigao

I was born and raised in Surigao but never got the chance to explore much of its wonders. Togonan Falls is among the visited waterfalls in the province and finally, I was able to visit the majestic waterfall.


Kabilin Photowalk

Together with Asus PH, we have organized the first Kabilin Photowalk, a photo walk for avid Zenfone users. This is also inline with the Gabii sa Kabilin, an annual event showcasing the best heritage spots in Cebu.

Won Huawei Mobile’s Behind Portrait Photography Workshop

Lucky to be among the participants for the launching of Huawei Mobile’s new flagship phone, the P10 and out of the 30+ participants, my photo was selected by Miss Sara Black as the winner for the impromptu portrait contest.

Behind Portrait Photography Workshop

Huawei Sugbo

Being fond with mobile photography and started lovin’ the Huawei P10, together with my blogger friends, we created Huawei Sugbo, a community for everyone who loves the Huawei brand as well as mobile photography enthusiasts who uses Huawei mobile phones.

1st Huawei Mobile Photowalk in Cebu

We have organized the first-ever Huawei Mobile Photo Walk in Cebu. It’s quite a feat since we have pulled off some of the best mobile photographers in Cebu (VivoMigsGee & AsaNaSadSiJames) to share this talent and expertise. 

Jennica Mercado was hailed as the winner of this event earning herself a new Huawei GR5 which was sponsored by Huawei Mobile PH. Below is Jennica’s entry.

2017: A Year Never To Forget

Huawei Invades Parkmall

A Mobile Photography + Food Crawl, that’s our 2nd major event with the Huawei Sugbo group. Though it was quite tough, we pulled it off successfully. Big thanks to Parkmall and Huawei Mobile for the huge support.

2017: A Year Never To Forget

Clifford Lawas nailed the prize of this food photography contest earning himself a brand new Huawei GR5 2017 edition. Below is Clifford’s entry.

2017: A Year Never To Forget

Worldwide Photo Walk 2017

This is the 4th time we have organized the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. Still the same set of participants but another wave of fun and adventure. It was the city of Danao this year and it another memorable event was added to our life albums.

WWPW 2017

Special Mention on Scott Kelby’s WWPW Leaders Competition

Out of almost 1000 leaders who organized this year’s photo walk, my photo was among the top 10 special mentions selected by Scott Kelby himself. This is a huge victory for me since my entry was taken with a Huawei P10 smartphone. Below is my entry.

Roy Delez

CemenTOURyo 2017

This is the second time we organized a Halloween activity. CemenTOURyo being a unique kind of activity is one of my personal favorites. I only not enjoy taking photos but also managed to share and give joys to the kids living behind the walls of Cebu’s top cemeteries.


Hayop sa Sarap na Degustacion

Been into degustations before but the session with Miss Dedet dela Fuente aka The Lechon Diva is among the best and most memorable so far. The dishes she presented are truly one of a kind and not to mention very Instagrammable.

The Hayop sa Sarap na Degustacion at the Pasko sa Bluewater is really a one helluva experience.

Runner Up for Globe The Rush Photo Contest

Out of the thousands of entries, one of my entries was selected as one of the 25 runner ups.  No further announcements from Globe though as to which photo was selected.

globe the rush photo contest

EOTY (End Of The Year) Event

This is an annual night photo walk event with photographer friends a few years back and this has become a traditional event for us. This year, we made a little twist to this yearly activity and have it as a lunch gathering.

2017: A Year Never To Forget

2017 is another good run for Drift Stories and everyone has been supportive and generous to us. Before 2017 comes to an end and before we say hello to 2018, we couldn’t thank everyone enough who made everything possible for us. We are truly grateful for believing and placing confidence in us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.