Creamy Leche Flan

Leche flan, crème caramel, flan or caramel custard is known to be one of the all-time favorites of Filipinos in terms of desserts. It is custard sweet with layers of soft caramel poured on top, which is opposite to famous crème brûlée that the caramel on top is hard. Crème caramel used to be present in all European restaurants that they are mostly seen in all menus in restaurants in Europe. This is because of the convenience of preparation wherein they can make many in advance and keep it in their chiller until they needed one.



Crème Caramel is mostly seen in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico; however, it is also famous in their neighboring countries. Their version is eaten together with dulce de leche. In Venezuela and Brazil, it is made up of condensed milk, eggs, milk and caramelized sugar on top just like crème brulee, which they call “Quesillo”. In Chile, it is eaten together with dulce de membrillo, which is a quince gelatin spread or the well-known leche condensada.


The Cuban flan is very well known in all Spanish-speaking countries as Flan de Cuba, which is made with added cinnamon stick and two egg whites. Similar to this is Copa Lolita, which a caramel flan served with ice creams on top or on the side. They also use rum raisin or coconut as toppings.


In Philippines, this is known as Leche Flan (a local term derived from Spanish word flan de leche, which means “milk Flan”), made with more egg yolks and condensed milk that is why it is more heavier and creamier version of the Spanish flan. The flan is usually cooked by steaming but some prefer it baked. Leche flan in the Philippines has been one of their favorites for it is always present in all their celebrations.


Crème caramel has been common to Vietnamese when the French started to introduce it to them. It is known in Northern Vietnam as banh caramel or kem caramel and in Southern Vietnam as banh flan or krem flan.

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