Chicken Katsu Curry

Recently, we have been into an eating spree with my family. Our last stop was at Rai Rai Ken. It was actually my first time to eat in a Japanese restaurant. I never thought that Japanese food was this appealing to my appetite, as it had a very close resemblance to Filipino dishes that I was born to love.

I let my wife guide me with the food on the menu, who had more experience than I did in so far as Japanese cuisine is concerned. I ordered the familiar ones based on the pictures from their menu and of course as a chicken lover, I ordered a chicken dish. Although I never knew what it really was, the only thing that mattered was that it’s chicken. Only when I tasted it did I realize it was similar to our chicken curry.

Chicken Katsu Curry is a deep fried chicken with luscious and savory curry sauce. To know more about this recipe, check out below:

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