Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs: Share, Learn and Inspire

Last updated on May 10th, 2017 at 07:14 am

Mobile photography is a such a fascinating new genre and many Cebuano’s are on the frontline of this caravan. New communities are emerging which envisions of developing and honing every member’s talents and skill. Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs, a local community of mobile photography enthusiasts is among the stand out in terms of activity and participation. The group  is mainly a collaboration of avid mobile photography enthusiasts in the Visayas region. Through meaningful interactions, the community aims to inspire the world one smartphone photograph at a time.

Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs

Here are some of the benefits of being a member at the community.

By sharing your photos and actively participating in the group’s challenges, you photo might be featured through CMS Featured Photo or won the weekly photo challenge. Not only that, you will also get the chance to be included in the group’s monthly magazine. 

Last month, Buzzing Bug was added to the magazine collection. Buzzing Bug is a special member feature. Gly Gly or better known as Chasing Potatoes was the first featured shutterbug. She shared some of her tips in capturing jaw-breaking and stunning mobile photographs. 

> ShutterBuzz March 2017 Issue 
> ShutterBuzz April 2017 Issue

How’s that? Pretty cool, right?

Skills Development
The group is highly interactive so expect to learn a lot of valuable and insightful tips from everyone. You can share as well.

Update: If you want to sharpen that mobile photography skills, the 2nd Photo Buzz registration is on-going. It will take place in Cebu’s Heritage Frontier, Boljoon. It’s a day of learning and adventure, so don’t miss the chance to be part of it.

photo buzz

Meet New Like-minded Friends
If you really love mobile photography, you can call this group your home. The group has constant activities, you won’t get bored hanging out there.

Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs

We managed to ask the team, Peter John, Jabam, Predu and the brainchild of the community, the crafty and multi-awarded Amski Guay a couple of questions about how Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs started.

We know that there are existing communities for mobile photography, what prompt you guys to start this community?

Amski: As a Cebu based group, we want to create haven for local mobile photographers that provides inspiration and motivations through recognitions. A harmonious community that will provide conducive learning through proper interaction and respect among members.

Peter John: It was actually just a ‘thought’ of venturing into this. We have this group chat since we became close friends just last year. Our fond of mobile photography brought us to this and for the reason that we wanted to share something new to the members.

Predu: Together with my co-admins, we want to create a community which gives recognition to those deserving mobile photographers. Also, to have an active community where everyone can interact, share, and learn.

Jabam: We would really want to share, learn, and inspire not just ourselves but to the people who share the same passion.

Your community branding is very impressive and catchy, who came up with all of these?

Amski: It’s a product of collaborative ideas among the Admins. The ideas for the terms to be used and the looks should be related to the words Shutter and bugs. Although I’m doing the graphics design, but still it will go through discussion/approval among the admins before publishing it to the group.

Predu: I think admin Philip Am Guay suggested the word “shutterbug” and we then add some words to compete the group name that describes the whole nature and objectives of the group

Jabam: Honestly it’s Amski who did everything but we are there whenever he asks for approval since we are working as a team.

What do you think is the key to successfully manage a community especially here in Facebook?

Amski: Time & dedication. It is important to spare time to monitor and give feedback to your members. Your dedication in creating ideas to further impart knowledge and inspire mobile photographers. With this, you can establish grasp to your members.

Predu: One of the key to successfully manage a community especially in Facebook is you have to be open for ideas and suggestions from your members and co-admins. Share your ideas and be active to any activities and discussions.

Jabam: I think that the key here is the commitment and dedication with what you are doing.

How do you see Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs in the next 2 years?

Amski: Hopefully in 2 years, the members will grow together with the community. We can provide proper venue for learning through workshops and exposure of members such as exhibits. And to see members excel not just in mobile photography but in photography as a whole.

Peter John: We don’t aim to be the best out there, but we just really wanted to give the best service to the group – consistency, activeness and a home for every shutterbug.

Predu: CMS is still new and have a big opportunity to grow. So for the next 2 years, more activities and bigger CMS family. More ideas, learnings and wonderful photos from the CMS peps.

Jabam: 2 years from now, the group is very interactive as well and did more activities like photowalks and photo exhibit.

Lastly, what advice or tips can you give to aspiring phoneographers?

Peter John: Don’t think about the high end phones today. As long as you have your phone cameras with you, then shoot! Good pictures are not based on the phone, but on the person. Accept criticisms, learn from others. And most especially, ENJOY shooting!

Predu: My advice is just take photos everytime you see a potential subject. You don’t have to be so technical when taking photos. Follow your taste and likes when taking photos and visualize the kind of shot you want to achieve. Explore more and learn from the other mobile photographers and also share your learnings and be an inspiration to your fellow mobile photographers.

Amski: Be inspired and be creative. Take inspiration from other photographers and learn from them. Be creative, don’t settle on what you normally see from other photos, tell your story differently by taking your shots from another perspective

Jabam: Just continue shooting and never look down on your talent. Keep believing in yourself.

Photography is a very interesting hobby. Imagine, you’re able to capture the most memorable moments of other people’s lives as well as yours. It may require an ample amount of effort and dedication but it will surely pay off. As the saying would always say, “Photography should be more than just a picture”.

Share, learn and inspire. Interested? Join the Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs community here

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.