Easy Recipes

Simple and easy to prepare recipes

Easy Breezy Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki is a popular meal in Japan, filling up lunchbox or bento boxes. Teri demotes to the glossed shine that teriyaki sauce produces over the skin of the chicken, whereas yaki means grilled

Filipino Style Spaghetti

This taste might be peculiar to some but this distinct taste makes it unique and the new flavor makes it very Filipino.
bicol express

The Spicy Cuisine of Bicol

Bicol express is one of the favorites not only in Bicol but all over the Philippines. This is their classic dish that Bicolanos are well known for. Bicol express is a mixture of pork meat and shrimp paste (bagoong) cooked in coconut cream, of course.
Chicken Wings

How to Cook Sweet Chicken Wings

Here is one of the recipes that chicken is the main ingredient. You can try this at home. You could easily prepare sweet chicken wings ingredients since there are only few ingredients to purchase plus it is easy to cook.

Overstuffed Cheesy Beef Tacos

A taco is a traditional Mexican dish made up of a wheat or corn tortilla rolled or folded around a filling. A taco can be composed of a wide variety of fillings like chicken, beef, vegetables, seafood and cheese, which makes for great versatility and variety

Laguna’s Finest: Espasol

Espasol or rice pudding is a Native Laguna sweet treat, which is made from coconut strips and rice flour cooked in coconut milk. The cooked mixture will be shaped into cylinders and then will be rolled into a plateful of toasted rice flour.
Revel Bars

Revel Bars

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to make your own delicious Revel bars
Quickie Linagpang

Quickie Linagpang

One particular dish to mention is “Linagpang“. This is a traditional dish of the Ilonggos in western Visayas. The dish is quite unique and is very easy to prepare.
Chicken Relleno

Chicken Relleno

Relleno is mostly deboned chicken or any meat and roasted, filled with ground meat mixed with seasonings and vegetables. Because of its name, some assumed it originated from Spain; however, unknown to many, it was really from France.

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