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Paella Valenciana

Authentic Paella Valenciana

The word paella is derived from the Old French word for pan, is in reference to the specialized shallow pan used for cooking the dish. Although Paella is essentially a traditional dish from Eastern Spain called Valencia, many variants came to rise as it became popular.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice, as the name implies, a dish originally from China, the northeast province of Hainan, is considered Singapore’s national dish. It is served in hawkers, food courts and restaurants

Potato Salad for a Perfect Romantic Picnic

Picnic foods must be different from your usual meals but does not need to be expensive and extravagant. The simpler food and yet classy to prepare, the better!

Filipino Food Recipe – Dinuguan

Dinuguan is a favorite of Filipinos because it goes well with a hot steaming white rice or Philippine rice cake known as Puto

Exotic Ilocano Recipe – Pinakbet

Pinakbet or Pakbet is a famous dish from the Ilocano’s that lived in the Northern Region of the Philippines. However, it is now one of the favorites from all over the archipelago.
Pancit Molo

Filipino Favorite: Pancit Molo

Molo soup or Pancit molo is a kind of soup dish that is made up of mixture of shrimp, ground pork wrapped in wrapper and shredded chicken meat. This is somewhat similar to Chinese wonton soup but with the touch of Filipino ingredients make it stand out.

Stuffed Potatoes with Three Cheeses

Potato is the most popular tuber in the world. It has hundreds of varieties in shape, sizes, starch, color and taste. Potatoes have 20% indigestible starch that is why it must be cooked first before eating. However, this can be cooked in any possible cooking method you desire.

Budget Lomi

Lomi is a Chinese-Filipino dish made from egg noodles. It is best served when hot and paired with bread. If you are on a tight budget, this version of lomi is best for those who are on a tight budget yet wanted to enjoy the same great taste of the special lomi served in the best restaurants
Yan Chow Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Yang chow can be the most common fried rice recipe not only in the Philippines but also in the whole Asia. Its secret lies in the completeness of its ingredients. Make sure to use the original ingredients especially the Barbecued Pork or Char Siu to enjoy its unique flavor that makes this recipe interesting.
Greek-style Salad

Greek Salad

Old Athens would normally gather themselves after a long day of work at a small bar in their community with different Guzarias (Greek tapas), which means many littlie dishes that can be a fulfilling meal. Guzaria menu would include Greek Salad, Greek Meatballs in Wine Sauce, Grilled Pita Bread, Baked Gigantes Beans and Grilled Shrimp

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