Pork Siomai

Pork Siomai

Adobong Balut
Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry

Easy Recipes

Simple and easy to prepare recipes
Leche Flan

Creamy Leche Flan

Leche flan, crème caramel, flan or caramel custard is known to be one of the all-time favorites of Filipinos in terms of desserts. It is custard sweet with layers of soft caramel poured on top, which is opposite to famous crème brûlée that the caramel on top is hard

Kapampangan’s Pride: Sizzling Sisig

“Sisig” means to “to snack on sour foods”. This is commonly used for eating fruits that is dipped in vinegar and salt. It is also a method of fish and meat preparation especially pork, which is done by marinating the meat in sour liquid or marinate like vinegar or lemon juice.
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken

Prosciutto-wrapped Jalapeño Chicken Bites

This appetizer is a fusion of Italy and Mexico. Saltimbocca is an Italian dish, where escalopes of veal are topped with a sage leaf are wrapped in prosciutto and then pan-fried. Prosciutto is a thinly sliced dry-cured ham, very similar to bacon from Italy. Jalapeño peppers originate from Mexico

Shabu-shabu For You

Shabu-shabu is considered as winter dish; however, since it became popular to everyone, it can be eaten all-year round.
Quickie Linagpang

Quickie Linagpang

One particular dish to mention is “Linagpang“. This is a traditional dish of the Ilonggos in western Visayas. The dish is quite unique and is very easy to prepare.

Easy Breezy Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki is a popular meal in Japan, filling up lunchbox or bento boxes. Teri demotes to the glossed shine that teriyaki sauce produces over the skin of the chicken, whereas yaki means grilled

Filipino Style Spaghetti

This taste might be peculiar to some but this distinct taste makes it unique and the new flavor makes it very Filipino.
Laing Pasta with Prawns

Laing Pasta with Prawns

Everybody thinks that Laing or taro leaves in coconut milk can only be eaten with rice, think again. Say, try it with pasta or noodles!

Laguna’s Finest: Espasol

Espasol or rice pudding is a Native Laguna sweet treat, which is made from coconut strips and rice flour cooked in coconut milk. The cooked mixture will be shaped into cylinders and then will be rolled into a plateful of toasted rice flour.
bicol express

The Spicy Cuisine of Bicol

Bicol express is one of the favorites not only in Bicol but all over the Philippines. This is their classic dish that Bicolanos are well known for. Bicol express is a mixture of pork meat and shrimp paste (bagoong) cooked in coconut cream, of course.

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