Snaps and Drifts is a collation of my works as a photographer. Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and current an adopted son of Cebu. My aim, however, is not only to get good pictures but to capture the hearts of my viewers through my lenses as well.
Optical Image Stabilization

What You Need to Know About OIS

If you love taking photos then you have probably heard about OIS or Optical Image Stabilization. OIS is a camera technology responsible for capturing better photos.
Ayala Center Cebu

A Dose of Photography: On Elephant Shoulders

Long exposure photography is deeply rewarding. Time is of the essence throughout the process and this encourages you to really look at your surroundings. It is quite a step away from the machine gun approach in photography.

Ladies in Red: Portrait Shots with Huawei P10

This means that with the right technique, you can take stunning shots as if it were taken by expensive DSLRs but by only using your smartphone. Master these 4 essentials in portrait photography to capture remarkable shots with your smartphone.
Starting a Photo Blog?

Starting a Photo Blog? Consider These Tips

Like any type of blog, the success of a photo blog usually depends on the quality and focus. No one will pay attention to poorly maintained blog and will quickly move on to the next.
wedding photography

Tips For Photography Professionals Participating In An Asian Wedding

An Asian wedding is different from what many envision for traditional wedding ceremonies. In Asian culture, the wedding follows ancient customs using brilliant colors with many different things for guests to see and hear. A photographer participating in the occasion is obligated to educate themselves on the Asian culture and understand what the latest trends are in order to be successful in their effort.
Mobile photography

10 Ways On How To Make Your Photos Gain Attention

Mobile photography is a thing now and most people are taking it seriously. Most of them showcase their photography skills on their social media accounts, others on prestigious photography communities and groups. There are those who seem to get celebrated on this field whereas there are others who seem to be kept away from the limelight.

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