Snaps and Drifts is a collation of my works as a photographer. Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and current an adopted son of Cebu. My aim, however, is not only to get good pictures but to capture the hearts of my viewers through my lenses as well.
portrait photography

A Dose of Photography: Easy Ways To Capture Great Portraits

Understanding the basics of portrait photography surely can take you far in your journey in the diverse world of photography.

A Dose of Photography: San Remegio Beach Club

All in all, it was a pleasant stay and the experience I had at San Remegio Beach Club was very memorable . It is something that will go down in my record books.

Of Orange and Red: Buagsong Sunsets

Cebu, like any other amazing places in the Philippines has a lot of good spots where you can bask and watch the sun sets into the horizon. Cebu, being dry and humid on most part of the year is an ideal place to chase the lights of dusk and dawn.

Behold Bohol: When in Dauis

With a land area of 94.53 sq. km., the majestic island of Panglao in the Province of Bohol is among the popular and famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. The island is consist of two towns namely Dauis and Panglao.

Kabilin – A Cebu Heritage Mobile Photowalk

Join us for an afternoon photo walk and visit some of Cebu’s top heritage sites. It’s going to be a different kind of adventure and learning. Relive and experience the old Cebu like never before

Ladies in Red: Portrait Shots with Huawei P10

This means that with the right technique, you can take stunning shots as if it were taken by expensive DSLRs but by only using your smartphone. Master these 4 essentials in portrait photography to capture remarkable shots with your smartphone.

Macro Photography With Zenfone Max Plus

Let’s admit it, it always left us in awe seeing unconventional or shall we say beyond the usual photos of insects being posted on our social streams. What’s more intriguing is knowing that it was taken with a smartphone. I’m guessing you’re nodding your heads now.

SouthWalk: A Date with Time

Despite the increasing sophistication of Cebu, it has managed to keep its rich cultural past. Cebu’s southern heritage trail is considered as one of the best trails to follow if you want to travel back in time. Yes, you heard that right
Butuan City

A City Ascending: A Glimpse Of Butuan City

A highly urbanized city, Butuan City serves as the heart of administrative, commercial and industrial activities in the Caraga Region. It is the gateway to Northern Mindanao connecting the cities of Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Surigao.
Zenfone Max Plus

Zenfone Max Plus – More Than Just A Big Battery

Launched and unveiled late last year but it is only at the recent CES 2018 where the Zenfone Max Plus was properly announced. The Zenfone Max Plus (M1) is the newest member of the Asus Zenfone Max family.

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