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AOC Gaming G2 Series Monitors: Pre-order Now!

This year, we released the G2 line of AOC Gaming Monitors. G2’s unique features make them highly-preferred by the world’s top gamers. Gamers’ overwhelming response led to a global shortage of the model, quickly getting off shelves as soon as they arrive in stores.

4 Surefire Tips for Booking Cheap Travel Arrangements

Thankfully there are some ways that you can save on traveling, allowing you to take a vacation without hurting your wallet too much. So how can you vacation on a budget? Here are some tips for booking cheap travel arrangements.

Globe Telecom Says Thank You with 917 Day

Inspired by Globe Telecom’s most iconic prefix: 0917, 917 Day, or September 17, is a celebration like no other. This special is all about the customer—a day of giving back and showing everyone how much love and gratitude Globe Telecom has for their loyal patrons and partners.
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Go for Corporate Vancouver Headshots with The Best Photography

Corporate businesses and professionals need to rely on professional headshots in a world where the websites and social media are flooding with visuals. Headshots showcase your professionalism inside out. It is incredibly important to appear professional both offline and online.
Accountability of Bloggers and Social Media Users

#MakeITsafePH: Accountability of Bloggers and Social Media Users

Forward to the present where social media rules, the art of using those six magic words to complain about bad service or a poor product quality becomes 140 characters which has a potential to be viewed by millions of people around the world. With these, what used to be low-key becomes an exponentially powerful tool because of the internet and social media.
The Great Taste Of Vegan CBD Gummies In Your Mouth

The Great Taste Of Vegan CBD Gummies In Your Mouth

The practice has been around for longer than we may realize and you can find out more in this write-up about the history of veganism, it isn’t merely about ‘diet’ or trying to lose weight, but ultimately about compassion.

Work + Study + Play at Bluewater Resorts

Bluewater Resorts’ WORK + STUDY + PLAY offers several options to make this happen whether it's just for a day's access to use the facilities or in-house stay. Guests who want to stay at the resort can request rooms dedicated to the WORK + STUDY + PLAY. Our team will ensure that they are given these special rooms complete with study tables and other amenities arranged especially for them to work, study, and play.

Hawaii Adventure: 9 Stunning Places to Stop by On your Visit to Kauai 

Planning on visiting Hawaii? You surely want to stop by the island of Kauai. The Garden Island, as it is often referred to, is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. 

Luxury Holidays Australia – The Unending Beauty Of The Land Down Under

The world has 7 continents, 195 countries, and a total of 10,000 cities. You can go anywhere since your number of options isn’t that thin, to begin with. So why should you spend one of your limited vacations in the tropical lands of Australia? 

What You Should Know About Fishing & Buying Guides

Fishing is one of the greatest things you can do to enjoy the outdoors. You can go with a friend or your family, and you can sit and immerse yourself in nature. The saying “there is a plenty of fish in the sea” wasn’t said for nothing, if you take it literally. There is a ton of species and you can enjoy whatever hooks to your reel

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