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The best of best bloggers in Cebu
GEEZELLE Mae Tapangan

Blogger Spotlight: Geezelle of Geemiz

She has been in the blogging scene for quite sometime now and been noted on several blogging awards. She blogs about her travel and sharing tips related to finance and accounting.
Pam Baroro

Blogger Spotlight: Pam Baroro of Hey, Miss Adventures

Today on Blogger Spotlight, we interviewed Pam Baroro of Hey, Miss Adventures. Pam is not only a developer by profession but a full-time mommy and a wanderlust
Mary Sheena Litang

Blogger Spotlight: Mary Sheena of Kuro Hime Official

Let's meet Mary Sheena Litang who goes by the name Kuro Hime Hitsugaya and she's the bubbly blogger behind the blog, Kuro Hime Official
Jeane Louise of Viajera Cebuana

Blogger Spotlight: Jeane Louise of Viajera Cebuana

Let's meet Jeane Louise Mainit, the energetic and lively blogger behind the travel and lifestyle blog Lakambini Viajera.

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