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The best of best bloggers in Cebu
Ariel Samangka

Blogger Spotlight: Ariel Samangka of The Little Lai

Let’s meet Ariel Samangka, the ordinary guy who does extraordinary things and the blogger behind The Little Lai: Beyond Limits.
Pam Baroro

Blogger Spotlight: Pam Baroro of Hey, Miss Adventures

Today on Blogger Spotlight, we interviewed Pam Baroro of Hey, Miss Adventures. Pam is not only a developer by profession but a full-time mommy and a wanderlust
Laag Sparkles

Blogger Spotlight: Idas of Laag Sparkles

If you take time to stalk Laag Sparkles on Facebook, you will be able to see most of her travels and adventures. Aside from being book and an art lover, she is a certified travel junkie
Ian Limpangog

Blogger Spotlight: Ian of Freedom Wall

Our next featured blogger for this week is a certified wanderlust. He is well-traveled person who has been exploring the sights and sounds of not just local travel destinations but also places outside the country. Let’s get to know more of Ian Limpangog, the itchy feet behind the Freedom Wall
Janine Ella Anongos

Blogger Spotlight: Janine Ella of Wandering Ella

Her blog has been cited not just locally but made it to national as well. Her aim of providing travel ideas and tips, must-visit places, must-try restaurants and cafes, and bits of blogging tips has made her blog a go-to venue. Drift Stories is proud to have Janine Ella Anongos of the lifestyle and travel blog, Wandering Ella.
Ram Kuizon

Blogger Spotlight: Ram of Master Ryo and His Whatever

He blogs, not only to showcase his daily rants and activities but instead making the platform a venue to promote social good and awareness. With no further adieu, ladies and gents, let’s give it up for Ram Kuizon, the ever dynamic blogger at Master Ryo and His Whatever
Jewel Delgado

Blogger Spotlight: Jewel of Jewel Clicks

For this week, we are proud to have someone who has captured the hearts of readers with her buzz-worthy contents and eye-catching photos. Without further adieu, meet Jewel Delgado, the wanderlust, the shutterbug and the award-winning blogger of Jewel Clicks.
Anne Rochelle Macachor

Blogger Spotlight: Anne of Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

She has been roaming in the blogosphere for quite a while now in search for glory and pride. She mostly blogs about her food encounters and interesting DIY stuff. If you love scribbling and doodling, her blog is definitely a must-visit portal. Ladies and gents, let’s hop on to Anne‘s magic carpet and let’s explore her crafty world at Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles
Babie Sarah B. Ladeza

Blogger Spotlight: Sarah of Pinoy Stars Daily

For this episode of Blogger Spotlight, we are featuring a blogger who roam and dig for trending and share-worthy stories across the interwebs. If not hosting or writing for her clients, she spends most of her time eating, sleeping (according to her), and blogging of course. With no further adieu, let’s meet the awesome lady of Pinoy Stars Daily, Babie Sarah Ladeza.
Emelie Anggoy

Blogger Spotlight: Emelie of Emelie Empire

Little did we know, behind the “kwela” aura of this petite lady is a certified bad-ass woman techmaker. Mga ate, mga kuya, with no further adieu, here’s the dynamic lady blogger behind Emelie Empire, Emelie

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