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The best of best bloggers in Cebu
Issa Perez

Blogger Spotlight: Issa of Issaplease

Issa has been blogging for 11 amazing years and counting. Can you imagine that? Pretty cool, right? She mostly blogs about fashion and lifestyle and been featured in location publications.
Roneth Politud

Blogger Spotlight: Roneth Politud of The Fickle Feet

Ladies and gents, with no further adieu, let us all meet Roneth, the curious, the wanderlust and the blogger behind The Fickle Feet.
Ian Limpangog

Blogger Spotlight: Ian of Freedom Wall

Our next featured blogger for this week is a certified wanderlust. He is well-traveled person who has been exploring the sights and sounds of not just local travel destinations but also places outside the country. Let’s get to know more of Ian Limpangog, the itchy feet behind the Freedom Wall
Jhanis Vincentté

Blogger Spotlight: Jhanis of The Vanilla Housewife

Jhanis has been dominating the blogosphere this recent years. Most of us havent heard of her and how awesome she is but to her readers and followers, she is their Helen.
Anne Rochelle Macachor

Blogger Spotlight: Anne of Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

She has been roaming in the blogosphere for quite a while now in search for glory and pride. She mostly blogs about her food encounters and interesting DIY stuff. If you love scribbling and doodling, her blog is definitely a must-visit portal. Ladies and gents, let’s hop on to Anne‘s magic carpet and let’s explore her crafty world at Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles
Roxanne Tamayo

Blogger Spotlight: Roxanne of I Travel Rox

This full-blooded digital nomad Cebuana started traveling few years back with one goal in mind, to travel for leisure and not to work abroad. Since then, she blogs her travel experiences and adventures at her blog at I Travel Rox
Ram Kuizon

Blogger Spotlight: Ram of Master Ryo and His Whatever

He blogs, not only to showcase his daily rants and activities but instead making the platform a venue to promote social good and awareness. With no further adieu, ladies and gents, let’s give it up for Ram Kuizon, the ever dynamic blogger at Master Ryo and His Whatever
Wellbein Borja

Blogger Spotlight: Wellbein Borja of Pergazine

This is the last installment of The Blogger Spotlight for April. It has been an exciting month so far and so as our featured blogger for this week. They say that passion and enthusiasm is the recipe for success, I can say that Wellbein Borja of Pergazine have both.
Monica Gloria A. Manluluyo

Blogger Spotlight: Monica of AfterGlo[w]be

Driven and urged to write about her experiences and adventures of her trip, she started a blog and the rest was history. She finds inspiration through her Grandfather who is also fond of writing his travel tales. Ladies and gents, let’s meet Monica Gloria, the travel bug of AfterGlo[w]be
Cheryl Ferrolino

Blogger Spotlight: Cheryl of Goddess in Disguise

The name Goddess In Disguise came from the thought that even an ordinary woman has a lot a show. Which is why I didn’t use my real name at first. I originally wanted to not reveal who I am until I realized hiding in a screen name made my blog so unreal.

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