Candiez Café: What a Sweet Surprise!

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Cafés and coffee shops have been a staple in central business districts, shopping malls and even exclusive villages for the past decade or so. Large chains have largely dominated the scene up until recently when third-wave coffee shops started providing people a different option – a more artisan way of preparing and presenting coffee, as opposed to mass-produced ones.

Candiez Café falls somewhere between the two. 

This café is near impossible to miss. Decorated by pastel colors and hanging lights, the café emanates a very relaxed and chic atmosphere that’s sure to draw you in. With fluffy pillows, chalk-written menu and comfortable chairs, it’s sure to keep you staying.

However, what differentiates it from famous coffee chains and third-wave coffee shops aside from its façade is that it is one of the few cafes that proudly shows its Christian roots.

Aside from its #OOTD worthy walls, the café is also decorated with bible verses and religious books are made available to its clients. It lifts the spirit up and offers a way to enjoy the word of the Lord in a less imposing fashion.

Candiez Café: What a Sweet Surprise!

Regardless if you share the faith or not, if you’re braving the Cebu traffic to see your friends, Candiez is the best place to make your tita dreams come true and at a budget-friendly price point. Candiez Café serves a wide range of food and beverages including coffee, smoothies, frappes, pastas, waffles and all-day breakfast sets. You can literally spend your entire day here; from breakfast to lunch to dinner!

Candiez Café

For breakfast, their regulars and patrons swear by Candiez Café’s Filipino breakfast meals. Alexei’s Pesto Pork Chop being on the helm, and Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo is another dish not to miss. Unlike other chorizo dishes where it’s burned to the point of dryness, their chorizo meal is perfectly crisp and juicy. You’ll definitely keep coming back for more! 

Candiez Café also proudly serves the crowd favorites, Spicy Salted Egg Pasta, and Spicy Chorizo and Sausage Pasta. These dishes are perfectly creamy and well-balanced. They’re best paired with any of their fresh smoothies to balance out the savoriness. They have strawberry, chocolate and mango smoothies, very apt for the island city. It’s gonna make you want to go to the beach right after.

Of course, for light meals, they also serve sandwiches like Tyrel’s Tuna Melt with Cheddar Cheese, and waffles like their Waffle Delight dish. Pair it with their Afogatto or Matcha and you have the perfect meal to have a good time over with friends and family. 

If you’re not a caffeine person, you can also try pairing these light meals with their different flavored frappes and shakes. A must-try is their Dragon Fruit Shake. Trust me, it’s worth the while.

Candiez Café definitely delivers on its promise to be a comfy and chic café with great food. What’s even better is that their prices only range from P150 to P300 only! Definitely a must-visit when you go to Mandaue City!

Candiez Café: What a Sweet Surprise!

Getting there

Candiez Café is located at the Northpark Building, U.N. Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu. It’s open 9AM to 9PM daily. They have a wide parking lot at the basement of the building.

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