The Best of Allegro: 7 Drooling & Scrumptious Themed Dinners

The Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is a 7-hectare tropical paradise situated in the historic resortcity of Lapu Lapu. Be delighted with the resort’s Filipino culture and hospitality while enjoying its high-end accommodation and ameneties. If you’re in for a complete relaxation or need a home away from home, Bluewater Maribago is simply the perfect place

Joy of Food

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort care so much about food experience. This is the reason behind the themed dinners at Allegro Restaurant. Joy of Food simply aims to highlight Allegro’s 7 themed dinners that will bring a new kind of experience upon dining at the restaurant.

The selection was prepared by Stephen Del-Amen (Executive Chef), Andrei Montil (Executive Sous Chef), and John Marollano (Pastry Chef). The team is headed by F&B Manager Peach Buan.

Bluewater Maribago
(From R – L) Stephen Del-Amen (Executive Chef), Andrei Montil (Executive Sous Chef), and John Marollano (Pastry Chef).

Below are the 7 scrumptious and irresistible themed dinners being offered at the Allegro Restaurant.


A fresh off the grill take on Asia’s love affair with grilled meats. One may partake on the famed satay of Indonesia and Malaysia along with Cebu’s larsian barbecue.Also called as the Asia ‘cue.


Allegro Restaurant

The Allegro Restaurant is Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort’s main restaurant. It offers al fresco patio dining by the pool with selections from Filipino, Asian and continental cuisines. Allegro is open 24 hours daily and offers a variety of theme dinners and entertainment throughout the week.

If you want a different twist on your dining experience, have Allegro on top of your list. Experience the Joy of Food at Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort.

If you’re going to ask us about our experience. It’s simply amazing and one of a kind. Savoring a sumptuous meal accompanied with a jivin’ island music surely tickled our senses. And those array of drool-worthy and luscious foods (as you can see below) made me want to never leave the resort.

Drooling? Which themed dinner have you tried? How was the experience? Comment and share below.
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  • Elle Mystique

    I think it’s a bad idea for me to have read this post at this time (lunch time) because after reading the article and by simply looking (madly staring at the photos actually) i’m now super drooling, and super hungry. I’m planning, praying rather, that I’d get the chance to visit Cebu and when that happens, I’d surely go to this place and binge. lol! I’d make it on a Wednesday for the street foods, Friday for the sea foods, and Saturday for the lechon. 🙂

  • cieri

    Wow. Everything looks sumptuous. I would love to go Maribago for a vacation but I did not know I can expect delicious food too through Allegeo. ! I think I love Skewered and Barrio Fiesta!

    • Allegro serves the best all the time Cieri. Perhaps you should try them when you get the chance to visit Cebu

  • wow!The place is inviting me.Food looks delicious.And the arrangements are great too…I am sure you had great time among the themed dinners!

    • I did Amila. It’s just sad that I can’t try all of them

  • I love grilled food. I’m sure I would enjoy eating here. Not perfect for Lent though. hahaha A visit here would be perfect for Easter celebrations when people should be feasting. 😉

    • Uhmm.. Yeah.. Easter celebrations is perfect here 😀

  • Mumof3boys

    Oh gosh they all look incredible! A delight for all the senses. I think Pala-Isdaan would have to be my favourite, I love seafood!

  • Laveena Sengar

    Wow. The place and the food is just so attractive. I am sure i would find this place super cool.

    • Im pretty sure of that Laveena. The place is indeed attractive

  • Aica Batoon

    Wow, the place is a taste of H E A V E N. All the food they offer looks very tasty~ Too bad it’s too far away from here! If I would have the chance to visit I’ll make sure to try and taste EVERYTHING. <3

    • Spend a week here in Cebu and try them all Aica 😀

  • Claire Santiago

    I love their setting. The foods are inviting. I am a seafood-lover that’s why I’m sue I would enjoy the Pala-isdaan

    • Hi Claire, I agree with you. The Pala Isdaan is the most interesting one (for me) 😀

  • I went to Cebu late last year; wish I could have know about this back then. I love seafood and would have stuffed myself silly with shrimps and crabs there if given the chance. Lol. Maybe next time. ^_^

  • I really had my fill when we went there. Excellent themes! I really love Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!