8 Surefire Tips to Write Better Content For Your Blog

As a blogger myself, I found it somewhat difficult starting off and I’m sure many of you on the web had a rough start as well. So, to help all of the beginners or people who are just looking for some extra tips, here’s compiled a list of surefire tips to help write better content for your blog.

Lets face it… blogging is more than a quick fad. With Google looking at freshness signals and user experience, quality content is more than just a buzz term. Bloggers that fail to produce high quality content will not see the results and conversions like the bloggers that keep the visitors happy.

While some bloggers choose to write content strictly for SEO purposes, others are blogging to please their audience. Use these 8 insider tips to maximize your websites value to both Google and users.

Know your Target Audience


You can’t please everyone. Try and decipher what you’re writing about and make sure you know who you are speaking to. Know your audience and tailor your content for them specifically, trust me it is better to do this and will certainly help in the long-run.

Have a Voice


No one wants to here a robot talk to them. When you write you must create a voice and develop a stance and dialogue that will separate you from the rest. Anyone can just type up a current event, but it takes a true blogger to insert a voice and it takes time but anything is possible.

Connect with your Reader


When people everywhere on the web read your content you need to send a message that will hit them, and hit them hard. You want to make a connection with your reader and reach them on another level. This will make your readers want more as they feel some type of way about you and what you have to say.


8 Surefire Tips to Write Better Content For Your Blog

Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. If you like to write about sports, there is no need to try and write about business. Be consistence in what you write as well as how you write. If you give your readers a good article you worked hard on, don’t betray them and don’t work as hard on your next. Bring your A game to every article you write and the readers will love you.

Make a Clear Point

8 Surefire Tips to Write Better Content For Your Blog

If you write an article, your readers don’t want to here you babble on and beat around the bush. They want a clear and concise point. Your readers should know what the article is about and what you are trying to say, right off the bat. No need to put fluff in your article, just get straight to the point.

Quality over Quantity

8 Surefire Tips to Write Better Content For Your Blog

All in all it doesn’t really matter how much or how little you write. What matters is how well it is written. You could have a 1000 word article, but it’s awful. Having a long article doesn’t make it better. With that being said you can still have a long article and it be good, but just write what you want to say and that’s it. If if took 100 words or 1000 words, just write how much you need to in order to say what you want to say, no more or less.

Don’t be a Bore

8 Surefire Tips to Write Better Content For Your Blog

Try and excite your reader, entertain them if you will. Have a stylistic way of writing that your readers won’t get bored with you. Stay fresh and have good ideas, nobody likes a bore. Do something unique to get users attention, and stay on top of social media.

Stay Ahead of the Game

8 Surefire Tips to Write Better Content For Your Blog

You are in constant competition with other bloggers whether you like it or not. If you write about sports and there was a blockbuster trade, you need to be the first to break the news to your readers. Stay updated with your content and be sure to always know whats going on in your niche.

Let yourself be known as an industry leader. Conduct seminars/webinars, teach others, let your readers post links to your blog naturally. If you act as you are the best in your niche, you may soon realize that you ARE the best in your niche.

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Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who has made a big shift to mobile photography. He is a frustrated cook and a wanderlust who wishes he had all the time he needed to explore what the world has to offer.