Cebuano Mobile Photographers Worth Following

The mobile photography genre is taking the photography world by storm. Everything in it is mind-blowing and the tremendous popularity rise of mobile photography is on the fast lane. The VGA camera we used to have with our phones before had evolved rapidly and continues to improve. Many have said that your phone camera is your best and reliable camera because it’s with you all the time. And that taking photos with mobile phones is not just mere passion but a trend.

Compared to conventional photography that requires a PC or a laptop, a resource-heavy  image processing software and a bulky digital camera, mobile photography only require a smartphone with a good camera. And if you intend to post-process your photos and publish it, image editing apps are instantly available and publishing is just a tap of a button.

Below are the photo editing apps I have tried and tested. These cool apps are widely used most preferred by mobile photographers. Some have in-app purchases and premium versions but the basic features is enough to meet your needs. 

Best Photo Editing Apps
VSCO (iOS/Android)
A Color Story (iOS/Android)
Camera360 (iOS/Android)
Pixlr (iOS/Android)
Photoshop Express (iOS/Android)
Instagram (iOS/Android)
PicsArt (iOS, Android)
Snapseed (iOS/Android)
Polarr (iOS/Android)

Other apps worth checking
The Aviary


Mobile photography is a such a fascinating new genre and many Cebuano’s are on the frontline of this caravan.  We managed to ask them a series of questions and we are so privileged to share to you their thoughts and insights. With no further adieu, Cebu’s finest and top-notch mobile photographers  whose works have stunned and amazed their respective circles and definitely worth following. 

Koko Paps

Koko Paps

  • Genre: Mix
  • Weapon: Huawei P9 Plus
  • Editing App(s): SnapSeed
  • Website: n/a
  • Facebook: /kokopaps
  • Instagram: @_kokopaps_

Say something about yourself

An outdoors person. I go out and enjoy my travels, walks and stops as much as I can. From the tops of mountains to the clear turquoise waters of the sea. From wide fields and forests and back to the high concrete walls of the city. Looking up to the skies be it a clear or cloudy rainy day.

What’s your secret in making such awesome mobile photos?

I think patience is a big factor.. most photographers have a lot of patience.. waiting for the ‘perfect’ moments..

Think and make everything you see a possible subject for a it a group of laughing students/people to a simple table decor or a desk filled with your stuff..

Look forward and ‘enjoy’ wherever you are headed especially if you are planning to shoot some photos..whether it’s a photowalk or a trip to the mall or the outdoors. A photo will always be a photo.

Practice and lots and lots of practice. Always think that there are no bad photos/shots. Only good and better shots as you progress.

Lastly, just keep shooting. Nowadays the only limit when shooting is when you stop and say ‘NO’ to yourself. Otherwise, you will always find something that would catch your attention and save it. A moment of time for keeps.

Some of Koko’s Works

Koko Paps

Koko Paps

Koko Paps

With constant research and technological breakthroughs, mobile photography will continue to evolve and flourish. More exciting new features and innovations that would certainly make our smartphones a powerful snapping machine. 

On to you!

Are you into mobile photography? How do you find it? Feel free to share us  your work and let the world see how amazing it is. 

If you know any other Cebuano who’s into mobile photography, please send us a message or comment them below. We will be glad to add them up on our list

Herbert Kikoy
Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who has made a big shift to mobile photography. He is a frustrated cook and a wanderlust who wishes he had all the time he needs to explore what the world has to offer.