Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Photography

As the society enters the age of social media, sharing of moments through posting photos on accounts has been a part of our everyday lives. DSLRs, digital and live action cameras and smartphones are revolutionized through this change in market pattern. Likewise, in order to deal with this trend, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and ASUS went above and beyond not only by enhancing their already great camera phones but further augmenting it with more cool and exciting features, with the right tricks, can create a pro-photographer vibe.

Now, with billions of users actively posting their pictures online, such tricks can really come in handy eh? If you’re interested in improving your mobile photography skills level from taking selfies (which you might already have mastered by now) to capturing beautiful scenery, moments and artistic pursuits. You might want to stick around and further read on this article:

Let there be Light!

As the Lord had commanded, good lighting is necessary for the world, and so as for capturing clearer pictures. So go out, find a great subject to shoot while getting your dose of sunshine and maybe try a little street photography by shooting early morning or at dawn where the sun is at its softest.

Smartphone Photography

Not a fan of the great outdoors? No worries, you can stay in and still take some mean image through artificial lighting, to which in layman’s term is simply turning on your lights or using a flashlight to achieve a more dramatic effect. To further play with colors, try adjusting the white balance setting.

Come Closer…

Using digital zoom can make your images pixelated; the key is to move towards the subject as near as possible however too much close-up can make distortions, so using a macro lens or close focusing mode is highly recommended.

Hold It

In order to shoot a clear image, one must be gifted with steady hands, however, only a chosen few is blessed with this. If you are part of the population that is not, then fear no more as I have the right tip for you. Just find an object which you can lean your phone. As you find the right angle upon leaning it, click the capture button.

Smartphone Tripod

Another handy trick is to simply use smartphone holders and a tripod. They are available everywhere, just choose the right one for you. Here are some recommendations.

Capture and Take Advantage

Mobile photography will not reach its peak now if not with the help of the best photo apps out there! Having been able to use most of them, let me share with you some of my personal favorites. 

Basically gives you all the essentials in editing your pictures. No need to say more on this one.

An app that lets you be truly creative with its almost limitless features ― and it’s starting a movement to help the people “go beyond the filter” and make awesome pictures

This app offers powerful auto-enhancement tools and advanced filters for every detail of your photo.

Considered as an all-in-one photo editing toolkit, Fotor has evolved from being one of the most user-friendly ‘on-the-go’ utility apps

Pro Camera
Remember those shaky hands this app is best for you as it has an anti-shake mode and a fast shutter. Not to mention the fact that you can manually manage the exposure and focus point of your image.

And now, you may start setting foot on your path to being a great mobile photographer and maybe gain fun or even fame as you go through the process.

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