Go Gizmo Fair at Ayala Center Cebu

Since the start of the smartphone era, technology has been getting pretty over-the-top. Every year, new gadgets come out almost like a wild beast freed from its cage that push our imaginations to the limit. Some even has turned our world upside down in ways we’ve never seen, while others simply make our lives more entertaining than ever before.

And isn’t that just the point of these gadgets — to make life better than it was yesterday?

Ayala Center Cebu Go Gizmo Fair

Starting the 22nd of August up to the 25th, Ayala Center Cebu will be showcasing the latest trends in technology introduced as the Go Gizmo Fair. Several events had been lined up, including photography talks from top Cebuano shutterbugs and a toy collectors’ exhibit.

To add to the excitement, a Mobile Legends tournament and a cosplay competition is also expected during the fair.

Ayala Center Cebu Go Gizmo Fair

Ayala Center Cebu Go Gizmo Fair

If you find yourself wandering in Ayala Center Cebu looking for a really exciting gadget, here are some of the items that you may want to consider. 


This is a must nowadays since there is a lot of things going on around us, having a camera will allow you to easily capture those decisive and candid moments. Fujifilm and Canon have booth set up in the fair, just choose wisely.

Ayala Center Cebu Go Gizmo Fair


For people on the go, having one eases the burden of going to internet shops to connect online. Looking to get one? Top brands like Lenovo, Dell and Asus are available.

Portable Speakers/Headphones

For someone who loves music like me, having a portable speaker while doing something will surely elevates your mood. If you wish to crank it higher, score the latest speakers from JBL.

Need to be a bit more intimate? How about a cool headphone.

Ayala Center Cebu Go Gizmo Fair


Though not much of us are into playing console games, having one is always been a clever idea. Goodbye boredom, hello fun! Crash Bandicoot,  you like?

Ayala Center Cebu Go Gizmo Fair

These are some of the gadgets you can score at Ayala Center Cebu’s Go Gizmo Fair. 

Time is of the essence, head over to Ayala Center Cebu and grab that dream gadget of yours.


Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.