10 Ways On How To Make Your Photos Gain Attention

Mobile photography is a thing now, and most people takes it seriously. Most of them showcase their photography skills on their social media accounts, while others take them to prestigious photography communities and groups. There are those who seem to get celebrated on this field, whereas others seem to be kept away from the limelight.

For the latter group, help is on your way as you read these helpful mobile photography tips.

Be positive! Nothing can bring you down.

People may not seem to care about your photos not leaving any reaction as they scroll down on their feed. Others, on the other hand, seem to care too much, leaving hate comments or critique on your work. Take these as positive criticisms, which may do you good for your improvement.  

Mobile photography

Post quality photos only.

Have you ever encountered people who keep on posting pictures that your feed ends up being bombarded with the same faces? I bet you did. They might have posted great photos, you probably didn’t notice as annoyance get the best of you and selectively ignore their posts or even unfollowed them. You don’t want to be those people. Choose and post wisely.

Find your people.

Online Groups and communities emerged from people sharing the same passion, not so surprisingly a lot is purposely created by photographers. Join them and show your works, not only will you get the chance to get noticed but will also earn some tips from the pros. Who knows if a collaboration project is around the corner?

Here’s a list of online communities for photographers where you can share and interact. Most of these communities have a section or specific groups for mobile photography.

  • Flickr
  • EyeEm
  • Mobitog
  • 500PX
  • ViewBug

In the Philippines, these are among the most active Facebook communities in terms of mobile photography.

  • Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs
  • Manila Mobile Shutterbugs
  • Asus PH Pixelmaster Club
  • Huawei Mobile Photography Philippines

Don’t be a snob, follow back

Just like you, others may be seeking the same attention for their crafts. Won’t you feel great if you made someone’s day by hitting that follow button? Some fans would love that. Also, a lot can be learned by simply appreciating others’ work.

Mobile photography


This may be a surprise to some but the developers did not spend sleepless nights to put those reactions and comment buttons to further confuse the elderly. Yep, you could actually use it, as their name implies, to reply on those who have commented on your pics. A simple “thanks” is not that hard and if you’re a bit more generous try to answer their questions.  Don’t be self-absorbed and start appreciating or, better, educating those budding photographers as well.

Limit on reposting your work

So you took a great photo, we get it; trust us we love it so there’s no need for you to spam us with the same photo repeatedly.

Educate Yourself

Although you’re shooting through your instinct for some time now and is getting lovely end-products. It is always helpful to learn the techniques and models available. Remember that most people who stand out on their field earned a degree for their expertise; this goes for photographers as well.

Develop your own style

There are different kinds of photography available, find what suits you best and mold it as your own. Experimenting is not only for scientists.

Mobile photography

Sharing is caring

You might have developed some techniques for your craft, try to share it with others.  However in order to maintain your uniqueness maybe you can keep some secrets but always have something to share to those who look up to you.

Keep grounded

If the time comes that you get to be famous for your photos, don’t let it get into your head. Keep grounded and continue to treat your followers nicely. That way they’d love you and your craft as long as they can.

So those are the ropes. Learn them by heart and use them cleverly.

Did we miss something? Please feel free to comment and share. Your thoughts and opinion will go a long way. 


Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

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