Jeanne Miraflor

Jeanne Miraflor
I am my daughter's mother. I am my husband's wife

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Ampersand Cebu

Ampersand: Casual Dining Redefined

Creativity is truly the key for Ampersand’s success. Although Ampersand is relatively new in Cebu’s gastronomic scene, their audacity made them who they are and what they are now.
Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata – Filipino All-Time Favorite

Crispy pata is one of the most famous pork dishes in the Philippines next to Lechon. It is truly a must-taste dish when you are in the Philippines or when you live in the Philippines
Light Stalking Camotes Island

Light Stalking at Camotes Island with Zenfone Zoom

As most of us know, Santiago Bay Garden & Resort is located on a spot where you can get a glimpse of both sunrise and sunset.
Emelie Anggoy

Blogger Spotlight: Emelie of Emelie Empire

Little did we know, behind the “kwela” aura of this petite lady is a certified bad-ass woman techmaker. Mga ate, mga kuya, with no further adieu, here’s the dynamic lady blogger behind Emelie Empire, Emelie
Rico's Lechon

Cebu’s Best Lechon

Lechón was originally introduced as a part of Spanish cuisine and can be found in many Hispanic countries. Leche means milk in Spanish and lechón originally meant suckling piglet
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