33 Sunrise & Sunset Mobile Photographs That Will Make You Visit Cebu Every Now and Then

Cebu, like any other places in the Philippines has many spots where you could watch breathtaking sunrises and majestic sunsets. Being dry and sunny on most part of the year, Cebu is a perfect place to chase the lights of dusk and dawn.

We did a quick crowd-sourcing for Cebu sunrise and sunset photos at PhoneoGraphy Cebu, a Cebu-based community for mobile photographers. With over 6000 active members, this group is by far the most prolific community of avid smartphone photography enthusiast in Cebu. The response was overwhelming and we have carefully picked  and collated 30 of the best sunrise and sunset photos that are taken with a smartphone.

The next 33 photographs that you’re about to see will change the way you think about mobile photography. These photos would certainly make you visit Cebu over and over again. And trust me, these photos will surely leave you in awe.

Of the 33 awesome sunrise and sunset photographs, which one is a head-turner? Comment your pick below.

Shooter: Philip Am Acibron Guay
Location: SM Seaside City Cebu

Type: Sunset
Smartphone: Xperia C5 Ultra

Sunrises & Sunsets in Cebu

Shooter: Vic Ruelos
Location: Alcoy, Cebu

Type: Sunrise
Smartphone: iPhone 6s


Shooter: Ian George
Location: Malapascua Island, Cebu

Type: Sunrise
Smartphone: iPhone 6s

Sunrises & Sunsets in Cebu


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